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DJ Twissta
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Words of the present (RE-updated)
Lately these words have been plaguing my mind haha.

Faith ( I'm Christian,but I am not rerfering to faith in a religious manor.)
Insanity ( if you know Einstien's Definition of it, then your one step ahead lol.)

Hope is wanting something to happen, but it's that want,
that makes you have faith, , it makes you believe that it Will happen.
Hope, is something that keeps you going, even when you have nothing left. or when you THINK you have nothing left.
Faith, is knowing that it will happen.
You must Persavere because you won't always get it right on the first try.
You may think it's insanity, because your trying the same thing over and over again, thinking it's different, and hoping for a different result, but if you don't try, You've given up on yourself. You may have all the opprotunities, and hopes in the world. But if you don't believe in yourself, if you don't have faith in yourself, and what you believe and hope for, and don't try and persavere, you will lose your chance. Losing your chance, is worse then failing. Because when you fail at something, you can learn over a thousend lessons. But if you don't try, or give yourself a chance, You've only learned that the regret of not acting upon your hopes, is worse then your doubts and fears.

I watched August Rush today, and when August Rush is talking to his dad ( who he didn't know was his dad.) during the guitar duet. August says he thinks he won't perform at a place he wants to perform at, so his parents would hear him and find him.But his fear was that Robin william's character, would reveal his real name (Evan taylor I believe) and have him sent back to the orphanage. After playing, his dad told him that nothing bad will happen, and to have Faith.

Please, if you have the opportunity. Then Give yourself a chance.
Allow yourself to Hope, and have Faith.
Because if you take advantage of that opportunity, You can only gain from it. I notice that when something bad happens, I tend to focus on the cons of both sides. but now that I think about it, Are there any pro's to not trying? There are none. Are there any pro's to trying? heck yeah.
Don't give up on yourself.

The scene from August Rush That I'm talking about, is the very begining of this vid :3
EDIT: Also one huuuuge thing to remember.
Opportunities, Aren't a right, but a privilege, NEVER take them for granted.
Because you don't know if your gonna have another chance.
This is so hard to put it all together. Because the worst part, is learning your mistakes when you feel your window of opportunity is closed .
When you see that chance, throw your fears and doubts away,
Give yourself a chance.

When I wrote that last poem, I didn't know why I wasn't happy.
I know now that, I was the reason for it. I let my doubts, and fears, restrict me from being happy. It wasn't the obstacles. I got over each one, but the hardest obstacles to overcome, are the ones you place in your head.
I don't know if I'll get another chance tomorrow. All I know is that Tomorrow is a new day. The only thing I can do, is make sure it was better than the last. Learn from your mistakes, or better yet, learn from mine. I don't consider myself wise, because I don't know everything, and make tons of mistakes and most of the time I learn from my mistakes the hard way. but the best thing I can do, is learn from my mistakes, and try to tell others, so they won't make the same mistakes I did.
If you've been reading all this so far, Thankyou so much. If you like it , or think it helps you, then don't be afraid to comment or PM me or tell me, because it would mean a great deal to me to know that I helped someone.


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