I know a few of you may care about what's going on in the realm of the Layluna,so I'm going to make a little update on my life at home and away from Gaia:

.Been on Facebook pretty often trying to make my Mobsters 2:Vendetta the best I could.

.Been trying to get my old job back so I can buy some of the Yule Gifts on my list for this year.I've been back once already and got a majority of them bought.

.I have a really bad allergic rash everywhere at the moment.I'm allergic to Surf laundry detergent and that's all I have right now.I'm itchy.

.Hanging around with Kaze Odoriko for a while.It really doesn't seem like we've been together for 2 years and a month.Time flies I guess.

.Missin' my Meizu-chan ;w; Come back Meizu-chan!!!!!

.watching Excel Saga all the way through.I love that series.

.Changing from vampires to werewolves.Love those werewolves man.

.Trying to beat One Piece razz irates Carnival and One Piece:Grand Adventure.