he just makes me so mad so fusterated but one day i'll get back,i'll get even and leave home with no regrets and no regards to what just happend i will feel good,feel better and feel more calm i'll be so happy to finaly express how much i hate him in ways i wasnt aloud to before.he was the bab of the family and everyone loved him my older sister was loved more then me too.i was the middle kid and i ws different i had blonde hair blue eyes and i was so different people wernt like me anywere eles.the only thing i regret in my life would have to be staying at home when i was yonger even thou i wold have had a better life somewere eles i stayed home and tryed to make things better but i was so rong.and i remember the life my mother and father tryed to give me but yet i still look back and think how much i feel so hated,so treated unfairly cuz they had to take care of the yungest but the oldest was so smart and speatiole and that leaves me to be the unwanted and hated one the one who is confused on the world and the one who dosnt like life,the one who can see things and do things they could but now that i see it they tryed their hardest adn i guse i cant be so harsh on them but i still can't love them as much as any-other child i know