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Meh Screwed up life

Ashleys Cupcakes
Community Member
Story one Jesscalli's Moon
Chapter one:
The morning sun rises as a distant bell marks of a new day. Jescalli Wakes to find... Nothing. She awakes in a field filled with not only grass, but silence. She doesn’t know how she got here, but what she does know is... someone put her here. Did she have family? She doesn’t remember. She sits up and bends her legs, for they felt uncomfortably stiff.

She’s gasps, as she looks down to see a Wound the size of her palm, come again it looks exactly like a palm... as if it was... burned into her flesh. She looks at the blood that’s smeared down her leg and zones out all the pain with one question. "How did I get here?"
"Sir?" a voice says in a mocking tone.
David Dehelli was the chief captain of the guard. He lived to serve---.
The voice would not stop mocking him. He started to growl in a un-humanlike way under his even breath. Here he was a high ranked guard. Scratch that. He was the king’s top guard. Son of the king’s brother's nephew. He was the prince’s best friend. Not to mention The Prince was The Top Man in the Guard. He was sleeping. And some one dares to pester him minutes on end?

He opened his crimson eye ever so slightly to see fair blond hair and green eyes. He slammed his eyes closed. He rubbed his hands over his face to wake himself up. The prince was in his room pestering him.... at five AM.

David sat up and rolled off his bed sheets.
"Erm... ahg" well it is don’t really a word nor sound, but this is what the Prince muttered as he went to go find some boxers and pants for him.
David stands up to tired to notice Prince Kale's Warning. There he is standing naked in the breeze of the early morning as a maid walks in looking down. She looks up say good morning' when she sees him.
The young girl’s eyes widen just as Kale throws him so clothes.
David mutters notices he just flashed himself, "Morning Hayden... nice breeze where have here, eh?" he attempted a joke in the awkward silence.
Hayden Tried to smile. She turned away to go clean some other room.

"So..." David mutters as he goes to slip on his gray tee. "We have an intruder on the East bound field watcher saw it on patrol but didn’t think anything of then, but decided to tell me any way. You me and five officers will go scout it out"

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