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Meh Screwed up life

Ashleys Cupcakes
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Jesscalli's Moon Chapter Two
"So..." David mutters as he goes to slip on his gray tee. "We have an intruder on the East bound field watcher saw it on patrol but didn’t think anything of then, but decided to tell me any way. You me and five officers will go scout it out"

Chapter Two

Jescalli got up. She'd spent a whole day yesterday sleeping. for some awful reason she was tired beyond imagination. She didn’t know where to go. East? North, South or West? Which way was North any ways? Questions filled her head.

It was barely three AM. Some one... she didn't know who.... had taught her how to tell time by looking in the sky. She decided to go by her instinct. She walked.
She decided and made a plan in her head if someone found her, she was from a local town and went out to... pick flowers. Yes she was young enough that the story would work... She was 17, helping her mother gather flower for a dinner with friends...
Perhaps she'd gone off wondering losing track of the time watching the
sky and clouds...

But she couldn’t get this question out of her head. it nagged her most of all... Why did she need to lie? It was all instinct. Why was her instinct thinking such horrible thoughts?

David looked at the Prince and gave a sigh.
"Who reported it in this time? He said in a kind of boring voice.
The Prince paused.
"Officer Grinshan."
David raised his eye brows to meet his forehead.
"That alcoholic?"
"Err... Yes."
"Why the hell do you trust him! he’s a sleezy no good alcoholic who abuses his wife and children!"
"Yes but he’s also my Nephew, and any ways I think we should try it out. I mean wont you feel bad when your-"
David cut in furiously. "If I’m wrong, anyways No one’s aloud down there it’s completely guarded from all corner how could anyone but the Assassin get in. And why would he be so careless that a drunken man could see him!"
Prince muttered “Grinshan thought he looked asleep...."
He picked up his voice" And anyways. I’m am your Prince and I demand you me and 5 other officer, Not including Grinshan of course, to scout the East bound field!"
David scowled but stood tall and said "Alright, Sir."

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