When I hear, "The meaning of life" I think of a test. We all have certain things that we're suppose to do and we're secretely doing them, I think if we complete our test to a certain amount, you die and go to heaven or get reincarnated (lol sorry if I offended one of you scientists or atheists). I think my life is to basically give a review, just tell god my view of life, a synopsis.
If I were to have a meaning I think it would have to be help others see things in a diffrent view. I see many things in many ways. I'm not saying they're all unqiue or original, I can't see EVERYTHING in many ways but most things I can. I'm a very open minded person but I have a certain requirement for me to start seeing things in a diffrent way.

The meaning of life for everyone is to keep climbing to the top, never stop trying. I would like to picture LIFE as a mountain and when you die you leave a flag to mark your spot so then maybe next time you can try harder and see if you can even get one inch higher than your previous flag. It's easy for some and almost impossible for others.

"Your not finished when you lose, your finished when you quit"

That has to be something that I can relate life too, it works for me.
You could say suicide for the quit part but you can quit by dropping out, making a wrong choice, and so on. It doesn't necessarly mean you can't restart but it could be harder or easier.

"you learn from your mistakes" is how I would put it.

so right now in my life, I'm living to be happy and live a prosperous life, I want to be known for how I think and how I see things but then again I would like to be a secret that the world has to offer.