Originally I think of success as something that makes you wake up smile and doesn't cause a problem. There's nothing in your life that you wish to avoid, and you feel amazing when your doing what you do, you never think negatively about what your doing and even others around you prosper from your "success". Right now I think I would find success in joing the Navy or maybe furthering a education in computers.

success to me is also when you can make others around you feel safe and content. They know when they have problem the can come to you and ask what they think about it or maybe ask if else they know can. I guess being looked up too is success.

Just because I have a view on success, it doesn't mean I'll be able to get it. I can mess up somewhere and just push success farther away from me. I don't stop trying but I do take breaks, these breaks are called goofing off or not staying on task, I think that too would push success away but not as far as some things that I could do, like if I shot some guy for some stupid reason and get jailed for 10 years of my life. That's TEN years GONE, which I could've used to help me place my hands on success. There's not just ONE path but multiple paths to success since there are diffrent kinds of success. I basically said two already but people have diffrent vartiations of it, I can maybe say "Hmmm that sounds like success to me" and I could try working for that kind along with others, I can also add on to my success and try to achieve that.

Eventually I'll have so many diffrent kinds I'll achieve some success without even realizing it. It feels good to know that there's milestones for success.

I believe success can also go away so that's why you got to make a constant effort to do the things you do, and if those things you do make you happy and smile (as I said) it should be easy as pie.

There's even books about success, but not all of them have the same thing do they? It's like soda I guess, even though there's ALOT of flavors you pretty much want something fizzy and something to quinch your thirst. "I like pepsi but he likes Mtn Dew, I think Mtn dew is okay but I personally like pepsi" <- two diffrent kinds of success though you can see somethings about another kind of success that you would seem reasonable in YOUR kind of success.