It was raining hard as we ran down the street as fast as we could, sweat running down our face I looked back they were still chasing after us. “dude go faster!” I yelled as I looked over at Ben he looked back behind us quickly then back in front “oh s**t yeah we need to run quick!” and with that we hid in the woods near the high way. We hid quickly and took off our shoes put them in my bag and quickly took off for an exit from hiding
“come on Sky, Ben! We only want to play!” John yelled from in the woods we I could hear he was closing in on us fast. It didn’t surprise me considering he ran track and was on the foot ball team. But we are running for a reason, when we were in the 7th grade he was in the 9th and Ben and I were in the woods playing pretending to be ninja as usual and John was watching us…secretly when we were in a small closing he came…tied us down…and raped us…one at a time his exact words were ‘blue Sky, Benjamin if you scream I wont only be sent to jail on one account but two’ and for that we let him have his way with us though a week after that we were at Ben’s house and his mom was helping us find our clothes in his room we almost always lost them and we were in our boxers him in his super man boxers and me in my blue rubber ducky ones and we forgot about the scars on our arms and back and necks she asked
‘what the hell happened to your arms!?’ she grabbed Ben’s arm and examined it and he grabbed pulled it away and then did the same with me.
“n-nothing we just…fell down in the woods” Ben was normally better at lying than this
“Sky what happened?” she looked at me with worry I looked away the same way as Ben did
“I-it’s nothing you need to worry ‘bout” now I was starting to feel terrible
“did your dad get out of jail Sky?” “no!” then what happened Sky? I know Ben won’t tell me. Please Sky…you can tell me anything” by now Ben had a tear running down his eye and I did too.
“w-…….we…got raped” if anyone had to say that to there parents or anyone else its pretty embracing
“What!? B-by who!?”
“b-… john the quarter back in the high school football team” I thought Ben wasn’t going to speak by now I was in tears and being held by my best friends mom ‘sept he was being held also.
“oh my god.” she was stuttering and sitting with us on the floor then Ben’s dad came in and looked at the three of us
“what the-…what’s wrong?” he asked as he was about to say a smart remark
“Sky, Ben I’ll be right back” with that she got up and went into the kitchen with his dad. We already knew what they were talking about. After that his mom called John’s parents and his dad called the police shortly after John was taken into jury and then put in jail. Which leads back to were we are right now running from him.
We were running out of the woods when we heard a noise ahead of us.
“Blue Sky…” “Benjamin…” “come out we’re always gonna be one step ahead of you” and with that he popped up in our only safe way out.
“oh s**t run the other way dude!” we ran the other way another 11th grader who had been the one who called my name
“gah!” we ran the other way only for Ben to be caught by John then me by the other when I got good look at him I could see who it was. It was Tyler the soccer player
“w-what do you want with me and Ben you…you…you *****!”
“oh was that supposed to offend us?” Tyler was talking aggressively. I didn’t get it he was normally the nice, kind, quiet one even when playing soccer. But as he bent his neck to my face I could smell the alcohol on his breath I quickly turned my head away.
“l-let me go!” “ah ah ah~ I don’t think so my little pet~” he said putting his hand on my face and turning it towards me he only was able to get so close to my face before Ben yelled to distracted him “let Sky go! He has done nothing to deserve this!”
“du- neither has Ben!” as Ben defended me I would defend him the same way. I only wish it would have worked better
“aheh…you think that will stop me…you little brats” with that I felt a pain in my stomach…I was punched
“gh-ghah!” I had never been punched in the gut that hard, not even by my dad. I not only had the wind knocked out of me but my lunch knocked out of me as well. Ben didn’t dare move, he wasn’t the violent type and he didn’t know how to fight. But he would always try his hardest
“y-you…b*****d! What the hell was that f- oomph” with those words he never finished Tyler punched Ben in the stomach. Even though he didn’t fight he was always getting beat up and I was always there to help I could fight, but Ben…he was like my little brother. He would never do anything to get in fights on purpose
I was wheezing from the hit and my asthma. The last thing I remember was trying to fight against John and then everything went black.
“heh little blue sky~ I know you’re conscious” I could here him talking I was awake but I couldn’t move I was sore all over and I could feel that I was bleeding from my arms and back
“ngh….w-…what is wrong with you two” I finally opened my eyes and it was dark. In the back ground I could here Ben…he was crying and Tyler was laughing
“gah…just let…Ben go you disgusting *****” “heh I’m still having my fun~…right” Ben~?” I could here the cries and begging from Ben “please! Let me go! P-please!”
“not just yet~” Tyler was laughing. I still couldn’t understand why someone would do such a thing like this! It just isn’t right. When I could finally move a bit and started to get up John pushed me back down
“gah!” “heh blue sky~ wouldn’t you like to know were Benjamin is?” when he said that I sat up as quick as I could “what did you do with him!” “yes Tyler what did you do with him” I looked over at Tyler who was sitting on one of the big rocks “I hid him” he was grinning like he did when ever our team won a soccer game
“good Tyler” I stared at them both.
“were is he!”
“heh…do you really want to know?”
“were. The hell. Is Ben.” with those words he jumped off the rock. And just stood there smirking
“well………..I could tell you…but then I’d have to kill you too.” once I heard those words I froze, I couldn’t believe it.
“y-you killed him!?”
“well….you could just say……he’s dieing to see you…one. Last. Time.”
“why would you do such a thing?” and that last scene was all I saw before I was knocked out again