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From VegetasBabie

"Nimbly she ran across the tile roofs. They were still warm from the blazing sun beating them all day. It felt nice. Deftly she lept from one building to the next. Periodically she would drop from the ceiling onto a balcony, making no noise at all. Except for a soft clink. In some houses she would leave behind a few coins, in others she would take coins. She was like the Robin Hood of this place. Everyone knew she existed but no one knew it was her. She could see the sun beginning to break over the horizon, it was time to turn in. She slept most of the day, until the afternoon. Then it was time to go to work. What she did at night was more of a hobby. Grabbing a sandwhich from the street vendor she headed towards the school where all the towns children learned. Pulling on padding and polishing her sword she got ready to teach fighting. All of the children looked fowards to this class, it was always fun. And it always made her happy to see when some of the poorer children came in with new items to use. She knew she was doing good."

From Viperface

"A small figure approaches from the distance. The fleet grows uneasy, and dust from horses' hooves coat the air. We lick our lips. Who is this, who dares to enter our land? As the figure grows nearer, an uneasy laugh arises from the men. Tis but a girl- a pretty one, but a girl none the less! We shake our heads, amused at the foolishness we possessed. As she draws neared, her sweet voice coos, "Hello." The sound of thunder rings through the crowd. The horses buck and whinny, and a sick splat falls next to me. I mechanically look down...One of our own is dead, his chest blown open and slithering onto the ground. The woman is closer now, smiling sweetly...and we run. But the gunslinger followed."

From Facey Face

"When Ginny was born, she was born into royalty, however, she was born to a young unwed princess, as a result she was abandoned in a basket on the doorstep of a soldier and his young wife. Coincidentally, the two could not conceive a child and took her in as a blessing. She was raised with the background of a house wife, but secretly she longed to follow in the footsteps of her father.
One day, while she was out practicing her swordsmanship in the woods, a colorful sprite came to Ginny. The sprite had told her to return home, quickly. When she arrived..her village was in ruins. She could not find her family, or any of the other villagers. But she could tell, that they had been taken away, by something larger than a horde of enemies..the dragon had finally shown itself.
Ginny ran back to her secret place in the woods to hide. The sprite returned again. This time it told her about her real parents, and how she needed to head to the castle to find them, and then to the dragon's lair, to defeat it, and avenge her adoptive parents.
Thus begins the epic tale of Madame Ginny... "

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From: Black_Daisys

Ginny put on the brakes and her bike slowly came to a stop as looked around the clearing for any sign of it. The other day she had taken a detour on her way home and she had discovered this place. It wasn’t exactly an odd looking clearing but there was something else about it that caught her attention. It was completely quiet. There were no bird chirping, no buzzing bees – none of your forest status quo.

She had started to be a little freaked out when the strangest thing happened. A glint of light caught her eye. At first she thought it was the sun reflecting off the leaves of the trees but then she realized that it was getting larger – and gaining fast. Her eyes widened and she stumbled backwards landing hard on the stump of a tree and wincing as her heart raced with apprehension.

When she opened her eyes again a glowing, icy blue thing was right in front of her face! She gasped and scooted back quickly against the tree, holding her chest in an attempt to calm her heart. The thing seemed undisturbed though as it floated in midair, its wings beating slowly as they shimmered. Ginny sat there for a long time as she watched it. She was mesmerized when she realized that this thing . . . looked like a butterfly. Slowly she reached out to touch its wing and was surprised to find that it was warm.

However, the moment she touched it the butterfly vanished.

But that was all yesterday. Today she had come again hoping to catch another sign of it and figure out what such a magical creature was doing in the forest of her quaint little town. She sat for what must have been ages – simply watching the sun go down as she waited. She was about to give up hope when a glint of light caught her eye.

She grinned and stood, holding her hand out for the little blue butterfly to land on.

“Hello,” she said with a soft smile. The butterfly lifted off her finger and slowly flew away – leaving a shimmering blue trail behind. “Am I supposed to follow you, then?” Ginny called after it. When no reply came she decided better safe than sorry and began to run along the trail.