Okay okay, let me break it down for you.
My Christmas isn't a tradtional Christmas that TV's have. I go out to the store with my mom (a store of my choice), she hands me money and I go in and get what I want, I normally already have one item in mind so I'm in and out pretty fast but I take my time (in bed too ladies ;3 haha.) I then go home and use it RIGHT AWAY, I don't wait till Christmas to use it, it's a pain in the a** and the sooner the better. Why should I even wait? Give me a good reason why -w-
now for another way of how it works, if I find it, I can use it. My mom got me a blanket and I found it in the hallway closet in plain sight. I took it out and told her thankyou and slept with it that very night.

Sooo just so you know!

For christmas, I got headphones, a blanket, a ps3, demon's souls, borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, bluetooth mic, 30 dollars, and...two beautiful and sexy sign from my most loved queen, Karina!

All great gifts except the blue tooth and the headphones lol.

What did I want for christmas?
Headphones, a new laptop, a mic, ps3, and games.

I'm happy and I wish all you doods and my darling Karina a happy New Year!