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So...yeah! Nother random idea! My friend, Brian said something about space exploration and I kinda went with it. I kinda pojact (stole from in a sense) from the Fantastic Four in a sense of how my people got their powers, but it was a good plot! So...Snatchies!

Anyway, My story starts with a few classes of students having a press conference. They're going to be the first students on a new space station, hosting experiments. My character, Nes, is the head of the group. She decides to host an experiment with animals in zero-gravity. So she takes a cat and dog up with her. There are at least fifteen students in her squad, all highly trained to work on the station.

When they get there, they take a day off to get used to the station. Nes finds herself in space, trying to study her pets reactions to the lack of ground and gravity. While out there, there is a sudden alert. A corona has sent a blast of radioactive energy their way. Nes tries to get back to the station, but realizes she's forgotten her cat. So she goes back, only to be about a meter from the door when the wave hits them both.

She wakes up in the infermary, a plastic bubble around her room. The cat on a bed next to her. Her squad is looking at her in awe. She asks what happened.

The explination is simple, she was hit by about five waves of radiation before they had a chance to get to her. She was radiation on such a level she shouldn't have been alive. In fact, they all had gotten hit by a bit of the waves. But not as bad as her.

Nes is confined to the room, but soon finds her sentums are the same as her cats, only the cat is reacting quicker than her.

The cat first starts losing her fur, Nes her hair. Then its teeth fall out and so do hers. Soon, the cat dies. Nes, fearing for her life, stays up for extensive hours trying to find a cure.

After a few days with their leader in the infurmery pending her death, the squad takes it upon themselves to tell the press what's going on. While in the middle of the conference, there is a scream from the room. They rush in, and in doing so, the confernce is moved by high tech hov-cams. The room is empty, the bathroom light is on and the scream sounds again.

Dawn, the second in command, rushes into the room, tearing the protective bubble open. He barges into the bathroom.

Nes looks back at him, her eyes wide and feline. Her hair is turned blue and her teeth have regrown sharp. She twitches, her pants are torn in the back where a tail has grown and her ars are blue and furry.

When they go back to earth, she refuses to go see the scientist coming from around the world to study her. She hides herself in the house NASA has provided to her. After about a few Nes makes a decision, she's going back to live on the space station.

While alone on the station, she finds her computer messing up, typing while she isn't on it. She decides to read it and finds it has started writing her life, uncontrolably throwing her into situations that she finds herself in seconds later.

Back on earth, the fifteen students find they have also mutated, but not as bad as Nes. They have gained powers. Nasa deploys them to the station where they find Nes making a computer program that will let her use every satalite orbiting earth to fight crime.

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commentCommented on: Mon Dec 28, 2009 @ 07:28pm
HOLY s**t at least the ears don't sqweek stare right?

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