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Nose Bleed of DEATH!
Alright, so sense it's break, I stay up to what I'd normally say 'Hellz no' to. Like last night. I stayed up til about 2am. Well, I had to drag my eight year old sister to bed, then I laid down. Yeah, I got comfy and everything, until my nose started itching. So I scratched it. And, well, it's cold were I'm vacationing, so my nose is constantly running sweatdrop , so I think it's nothing...Mucus doesn't flow like water, ever notice that? Well, I did when it started getting bad. So I sit up, dash over to the light switch and turn it on, but there's like a one second delay cause they're the new eco friendly lights. And guess what? My nose is bleeding....at 2am...

So I rush down to the bathroom, by hand under my nose filling with blood. I mean, it's like a faucit. I can't turn it off! So I'm sitting in the total dark, leaning over my sink until I feel comfortable enough to walk over, close the door and turn on the light (cause there are two doors, one leading to the mast bedroom where my dad and step mother sleep and one to the hall). Well, by the time I do, I've smeared blood on just about everything...at 2am...

It takes about ten minutes to stop bleeding. Then I have to was my hands, wash the sink cause it looks like I just murdered someone, was the sponge off cause it's now semi covered in blood, wash the walls and rip off two sheets of paper towels cause it was just that bad. All this...at 2am...

So by the time I go back to bed, my sister is snoring, on my half of the bed (remember, I'm on vacation at my dad's house. normally she has a queen sized bed to herself) so I have to push this stuborn girl to her side at which I take my place and lay down...only to remember I didn't check the walls to see if I had left my bloody paw print behind...at 2am. And I didn't go see if I did...cause I was tired...at 2am...

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Metal criminal minds
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Dec 31, 2009 @ 05:18pm

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