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The train ride that was hell
Alright, I've ridden a train three times now. They are fun and relaxing...when on time. So here's my deal, I get on the train today, twenty minutes after the time it was supposed to arrive. There were no seats, so I stood for about thirty minutes before the conductor showed me to a seat. Then I was next to these two women. One was giving me this look that was like 'if you get up, I will steal your things.' The other was reading the paper, drinking water and all that jazz. But she got on my nerves because when she left in DC, she left all the trash in the seat. Gross. mad

But that's not the worst of it! There were machanical problems, so when we stopped before DC, we sat there for about half an hour. Then we move so slowly, I'm telling you, it was like a snail could beat us in a race. We stopped at DC and half the trail left. It took about an hour to fix the problem, security was there, maintnence was there, the whole station was there. After an hour, we were back on the tracks.

Another bad thing, I got lunch, yeah. Subway. My favorite sub is one I call 'Janelles' super awesome sub' because once someone taste it, they want the ingredience. (Seriously) So I usually put bananas peppers and jalepanoes. Well, this time I forgot a drink. sweatdrop crying redface Big mistake. So my mouth is burning and the woman across from me is still giving me this 'if you get up Ima steal your s**t' look.

Well, the rest of the ride was fine. She left, I went to get a drink and asked the lovely couple in front of me to watch my stuff. Everything was fine. I even met a war vet who told these awesome funny stories about his first time in boot camp. 3nodding blaugh And he was so nice. He retires in two weeks. Congrads!

Anyway, the rest of the way was cool, until we got to the station. Now, Philly is normally colder than southern states. NO! I got on the train in about mid to upper 30 degree weather, come down here and it's in the lower 20's. Screw that. And I was still thirsty! gonk So...um...yeah. I'm tired cause, if you don't know, my step sister loves to keep me up while I'm in Philly. For the last two nights I've been up til 4am. That's not happening anymore. School's back in on monday. So...kai BYE! mrgreen

Oh! Forgot! Sense I was in Philly, I had gifts at home that I didn't open! I'm telling you, I got everything I wanted this christmas. A new laptop (thanks to my dad and step mother! Love ya!) and I've been searching for a sketch pad for months. Well, I got better! I got about six of them puppies! And 2 charcol pencil kits, some water paint, color pencils, a new uber soft robe *rubs face in it and squeals* 4laugh Some soft sox *wiggles toes* 4laugh And some gloves that warm the hands but let the fingers out! I needed those. It's really hard to write, draw and type with cold fingers. So this year was the bestest year ever! No effence to anyone who's ever given me a gift. (I still have my Honey Nut Cheerio!) *cuddles black bear*

So...Kai BYE!

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