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Random, but thoughtful, Ideas
anything i just feel like writting
rider of the man wolf
ok this is my new story continued.....

Meelah awoke to Terrin stoking a fire. She rubed her eyes wondering how long she had been alseep before sitting up to pull her knees to her chin. She was concerned at the moment, Meelah had had a strange dream that Terrin had confessed his true feelings to her while she slept. She had forgotten though once her stomache growled in hunger.

She looked to where Terrin had been at the fire, only to see he was no longer there. Though it was just barely, she felt breathing on the back of her ear. A tingle went down her spine.

"breakfast my lady," Terrin whispered, his lips brushing her ear.
Meelah stood up quickly, almost knocking Terrin over with his conjured breakfast in hand. "What was that for!?!" She turned to glare at him and he looked dissappointed.
He began to return to the angry glare. "Nothing just forget that I tried to make this work better!"

Terrin gently sat the food down then was gone in a flash. Meelah heard a howl of pain from far away, but it was so faint that she did not think it could be Terrin. She looked at the steaming sausage links and felt guilty. Her eyes perused the tray further to see rolls and the sweet breakfast cakes she had told Terrin about when there had been no desert at their special dinner to celebrate their pairing as rider and beast. He actually seemed thoughtful and considerate now.

Not wanting to further her rudeness she sat down at ate the surprisingly delicious breakfast Terrin had made probably just for her. She tried calling to him through her mind in the way she had been taught, but she had been taught this for nomal beasts. The riders' call did not always work on half human "beasts" such as Terrin. She sighed, thinking perhaps she had finally driven him away. which was too bad; she had just begun to get used to his companionship.

Meelah cleaned up their campsite, and headed off alone as the sun began to set. All three of the planet's moons were black. Any were-wolf would be quite powerless tonight, as the new moon was the height of their power. Meelah had heard that whatever from a were-wolf was in during the triple new moon would be the one he would be stuck in until the two of the three moons regained light. That had perhaps been the reason Terrin had been in such a rush, but there was no way to be certain since Terrin was not here to confirm the rumor. Either way, she hoped Terrin would find her soon.

Terrin glared at the moon with his very human eyes. The acurseded cycle had begun once again, only this time he was his powerless human self. A human could not be the rider of another human, so he was not contracted to that gods be damned girl at the moment. What on Dar Una had she done to his head! His master was right, and he wrong once again. He had sworn he would never feel for a woman especially if that woman was his rider.

The crackpot seer was the cause of this. How was he supposed to know what his destiny was!?! It had been told many a times to him "though the seer is not always right in what he sees, he gives us our prophecies from our main timeline of events, that are usually unavoidable." He growled at the thought.

He was no longer sure why it even bothered him to kill any woman he mated with, but that was the human inside him. Terrin thought back to the wolf, loyal and devout to their mate. He would be bothered only when he wasn't fully human, which was most of the time, excluding tonight. The wolf in him told him that he did not want to end the woman that was going to agree to be only his for the rest of her life, as well as his.

Being human this night was not good, he almost wished he had changed to his wolf form before it was too late, but he had enjoyed his stolen cuddle from Meelah. As she had been asleep, the last of his wolf blood before the moons arose had told her how he adored her; smell, walk, beauty, strength, everything. The evening would have been much more awkward had she remembered any of that. A part of him that would never go away, triple moon or not, told him to almost wish she had heard and remembered, perhaps even awaken in his arms.

Terrin shook his head to dismiss the thought. It could not become anything more than their eternal bond of rider and beast. One enternal bond between them, in his opinion, was already one eternal bond too many. He began running in the hopes he may find Meelah, unharmed by whatever creature might lurk in the forest.

"Stupid, damned, human, woman." he cursed under his breath in case she might be near.

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