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Gadreel (Antagonist of Shadow in the light)
~User Data~

RP Name: Gadreel [Translates to 'God is my Helper' -- name of a fallen angel]
Age: 1666. Appears to be 28
Gender: Male
Rank: A
Division: Renegade
Seat: [See Above]
Element: Fire and Water
Riatsu Color: Varies between 7 colors. [Details at the bottom]
Species: Shinigami


Height: 6'1"
Weight: 198 Lbs
Hair: Jet black hair with streaks of white and silver showing aging
Eyes: A honey amber color.
Clothing: White 'holy' looking attire. Draping robes, with a hooded cloak embroidered in gold.
Physical Appearance: Athletic build, but hidden by the robes he wears. He has many scars across his face and back.


The story of Gadreel is one lost away in the archives of the shinigami database. He was a mere legend a thousand years ago, of being the first deserter of the 13 protection squads, and of seireitei itself. His myth died out years after. His true story starts in the maggots nest. Before he could be taken down and thrown into the maggots nest, he fought violently, struggling to fight them off, it was his zanpakutou that was deemed too dangerous for society. Before the captains who were finally sent in could steal his blade from his grasp, the spirit of his zanpakutou merged with his own conscience. The spirit, of his zanpakutou used to be one being, that was host of 7 split personalities. Those split personalities began to seep from the main 'embodiment' of the zanpakutou spirit and reside in Gadreel's mind as different personalities. As this occurred, Gadreel was moved further and further down in the maggot's nest. He was moved down to the final room that was made just for him, a room that was caved in on his escape. If someone were to dig through the long lost rubble to that room, the word "Tartarus" would be seen carved into the wall. In Greek mythologies, Tartarus was a place for those who were too corrupt for hell itself.

After several hundred years of mastering over his zanpakutou's spirit in his mind, he was able to free himself. He fought his way through every level and every shinigami back to the surface, where he fought his way out of the seireitei. It was rumored he had his own zanpakutou in hand, how, it was never figured out.

He resided in areas all over the human world. Many shinigami were sent to hunt him down, they either were eliminated or came back finding nothing.

Then, one day [Insert beginning of baddy story here]


It varies between his own and 7 others.

His own: A strong willed, over the limit kind of guy. Can be merciful and hates being reminded of his past as a Shinigami of the 13 protection squads.

The 7 Personalities:

Raphael - Pride: Well, obviously proud in his own skills and accomplishments, hates when being bested and will do anything to win. Will never bring his blade up against a woman.

Cameron - Wrath: Merciless, spiteful and hateful, will sacrifice anything to win. Will strike down innocent women and children.

Sabel - Envy: Puts down others and ridicules others often. She gets enraged when others put her down. Enjoys talking about the destruction of the enemy. [Female personality]

Samaiel - Sloth: Lazy, hates working, won’t really do anything unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Sebastian – Gluttony: Always seems to be in a drunken state, even if alcohol hasn’t been consumed. Somewhat slower and more sluggish, but is more durable.

Harold – Greed: Kleptomaniacle, and is quite keen with a photographic memory, as well as remembering names, faces, and what people say like it were breathing air.

Lillith – Lust: Can be touchy feely, and enjoys tempting women. Even though Lillith is a female personality, she is keen on finding sensitive spots on a woman which can prove quite distracting, especially in combat.



Bakudo 1 - 81. 61 - 81 Need Incantations

Hado 1 - 90. 58-90 Need incantations.

Vizard Mask



Release Incantation:[His skill level doesn't require but here it is anyway]: Henjou, Zaigou [Relinquish Sin]
The Shikai is just a hilt. Gadreel must channel his own reiatsu through the hilt and mold it into whatever blade he wishes. Depending on the size and shape of the blade depends on how much reiatsu Gadreel will be using.
Depending on which personality is in control it could note that there are flames or water lacing the the blade. The blade takes the color of the reiatsu, which will also count as an indication of which personality is in control.

Bankai Incantation: Shou Seken shuuryou, shichi-nai Zaigou [Destroy the world's ends, Seven Deadly Sins]
The appearance of the Bankai is a long slender blade, could easily be mistaken for a joust. It's roughly seven and a half feet long. It functions similar to Renji's blade, but more like [if You've played Soul Calibur] Ivy's blade. It doesn't have the same force and strength as Renji's does, but it has more maneuverability and control. The chain that links each blade together when it splits are made of Gadreel's reiatsu, meaning every time it extends Gadreel is using his reiatsu.

The main ability of this Bankai gives Gadreel total control over his Bankai, giving the best aspect of each of the sin’s fighting style, which are:

Wrath: x3 Strength
Pride: Finding the flaws in an opponent's attack
Envy: Increased awareness of surroundings (via reiatsu sensing)
Gluttony: x2 Physical Defense
Sloth: x2 Stamina
Lust: Able to manipulate an opponents thoughts easily with the whim of words.
Greed: Never backing down until the opponent is dead.

But, at a cost gives Gadreel the greatest weakness of the sins, not all as they counter the strengths:

Wrath: Unknowing of ally
Pride: Inability to understand what an opponent ‘might’ do and understanding his own faults
Gluttony: An increased weakness to kidou and harder to sense reiatsu.
Sloth: Random spikes of laziness pushing through determination
Lust: Can be distracted by women and their features.

Zanpakutou Spirit:
The Zanpakuto spirit was once one embodiment with seven spirits, functioned as one and their personalities combined into one. Now that the spirit resides in Gadreel's mind, the personalities split from one to seven, and each one takes on an aspect of the 7 deadly sins. Depending on which one is in control, the reiatsu color will change.
Each personality has their own names other than the representation of their sin. Multiple sins may come together to work together, like Wrath and Greed, to achieve a certain goal. Each personality also has certain strength, such as deception, or convincing.

Since the original blade was stripped away, and is in the depths of the maggot's nest, If someone paid close enough attention to the number of confiscated Zanpakuto and number of people held in the maggot's nest. There'd be one more katana than prisoner.

Reiatsu Colors:
Gadreel - White
Lillith [Lust] - Pink
Sebastian [Gluttony] - Orange
Harold [Greed] - Blue
Samaiel [Sloth] - Brown
Cameron [Wrath] - Crimson
Sabel [Envy] - Green
Raphael [Pride] - Gold

Personality Attributes:
Lillith - Persuasion
Sebastian - Provocative/Child like.
Harold - Vigilance/Will
Samaiel - Wisodm
Cameron - Aggression
Sabel - Lying
Raphael - Luck and Charisma

Gadreel has many weaknesses, one of which is when he shows mercy towards a shinigami, will conflict with his other personalities who despise shinigami. He will lock up in this situation momentarily, leaving himself open.
-When he first shows mercy, it will be painfully obvious that there is internal conflict-

Another is his seclusion and inability to work side by side with others. Mainly do to the fact that when Cameron takes control, Gadreel attacks anything that breathes, from fish to arrancar.
-Those who try to 'ally' him will always turn on him.

The last of his weaknesses are those that can be exploited during his Bankai, when he gets the spike of laziness, jump on it like maggots on old tuna. When a women with sexual features is present, ensure his attention is on her for a while before attacking.
His pride to not attack women.
His Aggression to divide him from his allies
and his weakness against kidou and ability to sense reiatsu.

[Understand though, just because a chick walks in skimpy with Double D cups does not mean he is completely unaware of his surroundings, he will still know what's going on around him, his reaction just may be slower or his focus won't be 100% on combat.

Or his pride to not attack women doesn't include defending and countering.
Or his aggression from allies, he is equally as aggressive towards you
or his weakened defenses against kidou and ability to sense reiatsu, he's able to sense it still, just no better than a third seat, also, it doesn't mean he has a permanent weakness to Kidou, he just isn't as strong, say a #40 Kidou has to be used by gadreel to defend himself from a #30 Kidou

I only state this from those who attempt to be omniscient and god modders who want a clean sweep through, baddies aren't meant to be easy]

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