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Schitzo Polar Delusion
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End of your world...(work in progress)
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Sometimes in life there are things far worse imaginable then what you seem is the end of the world. But to you, and the people who speak in your mind, it really is the end of the world. A broken heart, losing someone to death, failing school, or maybe even being yelled at by an elder such as a parent.

A first love is always something that impacts a girls life the most. In my mind anyway. The first kiss is always amazing. It tells you how much the person cares for you, and how much you realize you care about them. You may get butterflies, or even that silly giddy cheerful feeling caused by your body’s endorphins. It also can be mortifying. Maybe the person you fall in love with, hurts you physically. Which sometimes will and can happen. Or maybe your best friend for forever falls in love with that very same person, and it tears the entire course of action apart.

Things could be worse then you’re heartbroken first love. You may think you love someone truly, and then you can watch them overpower you and take a path that may scare you half to death, and leave more then physical scars. Emotional and mental scars can be much more painful then the ones that breach only the top layers of your skin. Most can only provide sympathy for this type of pain. Not many know what it’s like. To be thrown down against your own will. Watching the eyes of someone you thought you loved, fill themselves with intense hatred and anger. What could be worse is the people you think love you, repeat that action more than once.

An even worse event; losing someone to death. Family member or friend. A grandparent, maybe a parent, close friend, or even a pet. When a grandparent dies it happens only twice, depending on the family. A family member/friend/pet could die, and then you can lose several more from just heartbreak alone. It hurts more when the person/pet who becomes deceased watched you grow up, saved you from yourself, and then left without being able to say goodbye. It’s a painful situation to deal with. One moment you both are having the time of your life. The family member/friend/pet saves you from yourself and makes you feel higher then heaven. Then in time, you realize you never were able to say goodbye. You watched as their life slipped out of their very beating heart and you were only aloud to stand there in tears.

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