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Reikurai's Journal
I'm using this for pictures and poems I find
Write off-the begining
So I was in a thread when somehow me and one rper started a write-off. Basically we tried to see who could describe a lake scene the best and longest. Here's the result. ((warning: there is misspelled words, it's not like we spellchecked it, it was a play piece and thus not final drafts but it was fun none the less and it was originally from a wolf rp so there's a mix of wolves and humans in these pieces))

Rei:-wolf- She lapped up some of the prestine water and looked up to watch the water cascade down from the cliff wall and into the waiting waters below. SHe always had fond memories here, this had often been her place of refuge when things were hard at the den.
((lol its the contest of who can discribe the waterfall the best lol jk I was just trying to put words in the sentance so it wasn't a fail post lol))

Neveahada sad Hmm well lets see then lol. The waterfall was beautiful, it was like millions of diamonds falling down. It was so clear, it was breathtaking as you looked at the water. You could smell it and taste it in your mouth before even taking a drink. And when you did take a drink it was like you just had awoken and the taste made you want more every time lol))

Rei sad (Oh no you didn't!! Don't challenge me!!!!

The beautiful cascade of transparent (h20, no jk) water was heard long before one found their way to this paradise hidden amoung the trees. It was a saftey net for any wandering soul, it's graceful ripples and soothing sounds greated everyone with a wink of sunlight that splayed across the lush green grass. While fish played just beneath the surface, deer and small woodland cretures would visit from time to time to drink the sweet nector that gave life to the forest around. The water itself was not just beautiful but was like ambrosia for the thirsty soul as it would slide down the throat in a luxuirous trickle from the eager lips that drank it. This was the waterfall that the wolves of the Dark Moon Pack loved, and it was here that had become the last sanctuary for the sick, tiered, and weary traveler. This place was worth protecting, it was worth all the strife to try and save the land from the oncoming doom that was to befall the Dark Moon Pack.

Don't make me keep going, cause I will!!! lol >.< ))

Nev sad YES, YES I AM! TO BOTH lol)

((As you walk through the forest, the sun is gleaming down upon you. You are hot and thirsty, you're eyes shock you as the sun is now beaming down upon the most beautiful sight you have ever seen. The large trees stand tall, taller then any other trees you have ever seen before. There are woodland creatures playing by the water or in the water. The water is so refreshing you can almost taste it. It's like being in a picture. It is a work of art, literally. You hardly can breathe as you sit by the waters edge, and look below, there are fishes and water life below. You can see to the very bottom, and are in awe of the beauty it reveals. As you step into the water you feel the cool refreshing you and you are alive once again. You now place you're entire body into the water and close you're eyes its like stepping into a fairy tale dream. You swim around and enjoy the beautiful water, and never want to leave this place. You are in love with nature once again, from the beautiful waterfall on how it falls so peacefully. Yet so gracefully, it is like watching a movie before your eyes. You are in awe still, of all the great pleasures in the world this is the greatest one of them all! ))


Rei sad (Ok fine then, I'll pull Quinn out so I can use her for this*cracks knuckles*
Quinn: I'm blind, what the hell is they use for a beautiful scene when I can't see it
Rei: gonk NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*yanks Sarim*

It was growing hot as winter ebbed from the land like a snail returning to it's shell. Her thirst was almost more than she could bare as she wandered the crowded forest. The forest itself was not ugly or dying but lush and vibrant but all she could think about was the dry cracked feeling of her throat that screamed for water, and it was water that she now heard. She picked up her pace, now sprinting to the miraculous sound but came to a skidding halt when her eyes beheld the most spectacular scene she had ever witnessed. In front of her laid a land, untouched by human hands, and prospering under the warm tender fingures that outstreatched from the sun and seemed to coddle this sacred land. In front of this lone wanderer was a wonderful lake with cliffs rising up from the north end to pour a rainbow of crystal drops apon the serene waters of the lake below. Bushes displayed their precious cargo of blue, white, and purple flowers that delicatly laced their branches. Even the trees seemed to glow as their trees swayed in the wind, whispering tails of mystics and fantasy. The gentle breeze sent the aroma of the lavender that must be hiding from the wanderer's view. Her parched throat had been completly forgotten as she watched birds flutter from one tree to anouther, gaily twittering about their merry lives. How wonderful and fantastic this little realm of serenity and vitality. While her eyes begged to keep watching the water play on the surface she walked to the waters edge and peered at the prestine waters. The water was so clear she could see the lake floor, the fish swimming beneath the sruface, ignoring the trespassor that had found her way to their shores. The lake vegetation underwater danced as though performing a secret ballet just for the observers eyes. She reached down and cupped the clear water in her two hands and lifted it to her lips. No oasis could ever have water such as this, her parched throat immediatly felt relieved as water trickled down her neck and to her collar bone. She drank more as the water became like an addiction, and then she died from poisoning.
(( >.< figured I should stop before I keep going for 3 pages))

Nev sad Beautiful! I think you won lol! I will post again for a beautiful scene lol but for now you win wink I like yours better lol!)

I had alot of fun just playing with this that I would love to do anouther one, keep playing around with writting >.<

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