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The New One :D
Jokerbp -
Though dawn was approaching, the darkness still was in full control of the dark room. The only light in the room was illuminating from a white lamp, decorated with a family scene; the children were playing in the room, while the parents were speaking to one another. There, hidden in the shadows, was a small nightstand that supported the weight of a thin black book. While the black book sat, silently without a title, a faint glimmer of a light approached silently. As the light crept from behind the shadows, a ray of sunshine crossed paths with the faded light blue walls. For several moments, as the sun began to slowly move across the sky, a body underneath the sheets was able to bask in the warm sunlight.
Slowly, the warm summer daylight soon filled the room, extinguishing all but the shadows made by the objects around the room. As the light crossed the room, a limp arm was hanging down the bed; down a brown oak frame, touching a white carpet stained with sweat and tears of the night before. A slight muffled groan was heard between the cracks of the white pillow and the white bed sheet. Though sleepy eyed, a teenager got up and walked to the bathroom after getting some clothes. Even with partially closed eyes, he was able to dodge objects throughout the room. A painted jet black baseball bat, a grayish green fan that turns to the right while being set on mode 3 and a white plastic desk that was stained by black marks were among those objects he passed.
Opening the white door and flicking the lights on, a reflection of a 14 year old shown in the mirror. His hair was tangled in lumps and knotted together by the sheets and pillows from rolling around the bed throughout the night. After getting into the shower, he sighed as the hot water poured over him as if it didn’t burn or sting at all. The only thing visible was the steam in the air as well as over the mirrors and glass slide doors. Moisture locked on the pale yellow shower cover like a layer of thin ice over water. After getting dressed in the bathroom, he wiped the mirror to stop the mist from setting in. Dark brown hair fell to his forehead, while his hazel eyes stared blankly at the mirror. He started to walk out the bathroom and down the stairs.
Wearing his reddish-pink flannel over his plain white t-shirt, branching down to his light-blue trousers. He strode down the stairs, slowly as the firm oak wood stairs barely creaked when he barely glided down. After arriving in the kitchen, he grabbed his ID which had the name ' Joey' inscribed within it. As well as grabbing his Fedora hat and placing his books in his backpack, he briskly sprinted to the kitchen door; leaving a note that told his grandfather that he was leaving to school early. After a few steps, a gust of wind blew Joey's Fedora hat into the air, crisp golden-brown leaves were slow dancing when they fell off the tree branches of the old trees. Frantically, he ran after it; for it was the last thing his best friend had given him before they went into middle school.
During the flight of the fedora, Joey had followed it down the street, and, uknowingly, into the park. Once the wind had stopped, the hat had fallen behind two large trees. While still in pursuit, Joey managed to place where his hat had fallen to. As he got closer, he found a young slender female picking it up off the ground. Staring at her had made his heart race. He couldn't help but stare at her radiant beauty,and adorable face.
As she turned around, wearing her white-laced skirt and a white sateen blouse. Scarlett faced, heart racing, and embarrassed for being caught, all he could do is stare at her overwhelming beauty. After the duration of 30 seconds, he finally had the nerve to speak to her. "'xcuse me, but can i have my hat back?" he spoke out shyly, with his eyes on the ground.
"Oh?" she said," this hat belongs to you?"
"yea, its special, it belonged to my friend you see. As well as my favorite hat." he replied.
"Here you go then, dont let it fly away this time, you hear?" she responded smiling happily as she tossed the hat.
"Thanks, my names Joey, you? "
"Mine's-" A small red convertible had honked, signaling her to leave "Oh, sorry Joey, I'll tell you next time around." smiling sweetly, "Dont lose your hat again" she hollered back
"Yeah...Nice chatting with you too." he whispered to himself, still scarlett and embarrassed.
As he ventured back out the park through the dirt road, the early-morning sun had been lingering in the sky, waiting for him when he approached the exit. He walked in the direction of his summmer school, while letting his mind drift off to the encounter in the park. When coming back from his daydream, he was several steps away from the gates of the school. Joey then entered the blue paint-coated gates and the doors of the school.
Still early, he had started to wander around the halls and sing softly to himself. Spotting a strange blue book, he stumbled upon a backpack right next to the corner. Turning the corner, he had found a female; she had hair that was light-brown and turned red on the tips. The red-tipped hair had framed her face, while the rest of her hair was naturally light-brown and fell down to her back. She wore blue jeans and a brown jacket that camouflaged her hair. A white shirt with a picture of a flower and hearts was covered by the jacket.
Realizing who she was, Joey had stood there, shocked. While the girl sat there, reading a red book that oddly looked like the black one he had kept with him. Her name was Sarah; the most popular girl in school. Though currently popular, they used to be best friends in elementary. In actuality, Sarah had been Joey's only friend. Always been there for him, but when they got to middle school, Sarah had abandoned and neglected him. Even then, his feelings towards her was still the same, she had been his first friend and best, even though they haven't spoken in awhile.
Towards the end of their last year in elementary, they had exchanged gifts; each had given the other a book of no title and different color. Promising to forever be friends,yet in the end, she left him alone the next year. Reminiscing on the past, he opened his back pack to pull out his black book.
Sarah was smiling while reading in the red book, and still haven't noticed him. "I see you still have the book," Joey said in an attempt to break the silence
"Uhm, sorry, but who are you?" she asked puzzled
"All you gotta know is that I'm a friend." he replied placing the fedora on her, while putting the book next to her things. "It troubles me, that you don't remember who I am, after all, we were best friends." As he took the fedora hat. Walking away, sorrow filled his eyes as he walked on. Stunned, she watched him walk away and then students students flooded the room as they started to get there. He turned around in time to see her gasp as she found the black book next to her stuff. By the time she looked up, she couldn't see him anymore but he could see her through the crowd.
As Joey got to class, he sat down next to the window, and pulled out his notebook. Throughout entire session his mind drifted off again. His mind was flooded by reasons why Sarah would forget him, but then he thought of the good times they shared; them doing homework together, her just talking to him, and then the times they had when they would just together, and read each books silently.
"Joey!" hollered a man wearing a gray stripped tie tucked neatly under his black formal suit. "What was my lecture about?" he inquired
"Uhm, wasn't it about... literacy?" he asked
"Mister Valentine, if you want literacy, you took the wrong course. Apparently, nobody told you that this was History." he snapped, "Since it's two days 'til the end of summer sch ool, I'll cut you some slack." Joey had said nothing, and turned his head to gaze out the window. One moment later, the bell had sounded to signal the dismissal of school.
Exiting the school, he walked towards the park, and pausing to take out his Ipod from his backpack. While getting to the park, he took off his pinkish-red flannel and placed it in his backpack. In the process, he took out a book from the backpack and continued to walk to the park. As he kept walking, the crisp autumn leaves came into sight.
Ducking, he avoided the low-branched trees that was still shedding its leaves. Listening to the repeating song 'Endless Love' by Kim Hee Sun and Jackie Chan, while carrying the book named A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. Following the dirt road that lead around the park, he headed down a hill, off the path. As if following a path, he went past trees and bushes without hesitation and eventually settled down on a hill. As he sat there, he laid down, and took his flannel out. Folding it, he made it into a cushion for his head.
Stretching out, he yawned as he reached for his book. As he started to read, the light shown on his face through the cracks of the branches and leaves of the tree. As he read on, branches swayed in the wind, autumn leaves danced in each gust, and flowers moved back and forth while humming birds drank their sweet nectar.
While laid out and reading, he seemed like he was at his utopia, his paradise. Reading each chapter of A Walk to Remember always seemed to send him away to a paradise. The next chapter seemed to get better and better, and never seemed to bore him. Though the ending always was a sad one, it never lost its grip on him.
After reading several chapters, his felt tired, and let his mind drift off as he started to doze off. Placing the open book on his chest as he closed his eyes, and listened to the peaceful chirping of the birds and the slight wind that blew around every few minutes.
As he dreamt, the wind blew softer and softer, while the sun began to set. The chirping died, and he eventually woke up. As darkness approached, he hurried through the park; up a hill and down the dirt road. Reaching the exit and entrance point of the park, he sped through the street and entered his home.
"Grandpa " he called as he kicked his shoes off and entered the house. "Grandpa, are you there?" he shouted
"Calm down, I'm over here," he said in a voice cracked with old age; behind a door, he seemed to be causing abit of noise, probably putting things into his suitcase."Pack your things, we're moving tomorrow." he shouted.
"Alright, I don't have anything left here anyways, where to?" Joey inquired
"To a town called 'Faclon', couple hours away from here. It's built near a beach, making it a rich neighborhood, shouldn't be that bad." he said, in a muffled tone behind the door
"Alright, have fun packing grandpa, I'm going to pack mines." As started up the stairs.

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commentCommented on: Sun Jan 24, 2010 @ 08:22am
Lol! deeeeeepp!!, haha, sounds like a prose poem or something. >.<
good though,

commentCommented on: Wed Jan 27, 2010 @ 10:59pm
Andrea. Doo youu like my storryyy ? (:

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