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I have found the portal to Narnia
Yeah, like it says. I have found Narnia. Inconvienent spot, too. See, I'm sitting here in my room, trying not to get on my computer and download stuff from Limewire, then I decide, hey! I need to clean my closet! Yeah...not a good idea.

So, I'm tossing my shoes around in their place, which is weird cause I share a closet with my mom. Well, it's walk in, but I mostly crawl when cleaning cause; damn, there is a lot of stuff in there. So I turn to the right and I see this place I have never noticed. eek Seriously. I never noticed it. So I waved my hand into this empty space and lose my balance. Suddenly, I'm falling into nothingness! And if that isn't hard enough to believe I hit the wall before falling so, ow... Luckily, I have my trusty computer on me and Narnia gets great internet access. Eh, who would've guess? Also, it's winter here for no apparent reason, and the snow is like feathers. Go figure.

After landing softly in a wood of snow, I guess I could say that cause it sounds awesome, I proceeded to make my way though the cold unforgining lands, cause, in my room I wear jeans and a t-shirt, when I'm home there are no socks and no shoes in my room. Yeah, I so I guess this is kinda cold. I'm used to snow storms but this really makes to sense. So it's uber cold and I guess I'm about a billion or so years from the two kings and queens so I might as well chil. Who knows, I might even run into Aslan.

Well, it's really hard to type in the cold weather here, especially sense my computer is messing up and a fully charged battery will only get me three and a half hours of work done. Darn, I hope I don't need to do anything very hard like those kids. I just hope if I do, it's nothing that will be like, a life or death situation in which a whole world is riding on my shoulders. Ew, I hate those things. Well, now, better sayve some power. I'm in cave, not so cold here, but still. I need to build a fire to keep warm, so, I guess I should go, oh, but before I leave, I just want to say, It is awesome here! I love the snow, but sense I live where I live, there is barely any so I'm just going to have a grand old time and probably make a snow man or two..or an army.

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