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I found the portal to Narnia prt 2
Alright, it's not good this time. So I'm walking around wondering what to do, when all the sudden I run into this Minitar. Now, normally I'd think 'eh, they've seen humans before,' but this guy freaked! I'm serious! Like, he just went all out bull on me and I ran my butt off until I got to this clearing area, where I fell into a hole and he gave up. Good; he gave up, bad; I was stuck there for a while before this bear came out of the woods and helped me. He's a good bear, tells funny jokes and stuff. He said his name was Thomas, and I asked if I could call him Teddy. He said it was alright. So Teddy is now my new friend! Yeah!

Any-who, Sense the accident with the minitar, I can't walk cause I sprained my ankle. It hurts, so Teddy lets me ride his back. So I'm like, 'Yeah' and he's like 'YA-HOO!' in this deep manly voice of awesomeness that makes the ground shake when he talks. Most likely a bear-itone. Get it?! Baritone and...nevermind. gonk

So, he's never seen a computer before, so he's sitting right next to me, reading over my shoulder. We're in another cave, but this one is much warmer and apparently we're going to the Aslan's How, wherever that is. All he can tell me is that it's along the line of the Great River, he also drew me a map. No, I'm not using mapquest or Google Earth, they might not even work here.

I have to conserve my batery now, you know, three and a half hours isn't that long when you've been stuck in Narnia. So, yeah, off to find Aslan I go...oh, right. Sleep now, Find Aslan later. sweatdrop

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