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She twits everything About a girl which acused me of things and made the police turn up at my HOUSE!

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Pizza Face - she deserves the new nickname!
Monday - It snowed and i sore Ryan i asked him who he got in the face and he got jackd so i high fived him, then louise and phoebe came rushing up behind measking wat that was all about n askin me if i were out wiv ryan! THIS IS NOT TRUE! evil
Tuesday - I talk to my best mate laura and kayleigh and bethan was there... rolleyes laura and kay tell me that there are rumours flying around that im out with ryan and laura is out with callum! THI IS NOT TRUE! scream laura says she knew it was louise becos luise came on msn asking her why callum names was in her mish, the only reason why callum was on her mish was becos he went for a heart scan! exclaim

--Obvs. we thought louise and phoebe spread the rumours ninja --

Wednesay - Im in music lesson with laura and we have to work with louise and phoebe, me and laura boh over hear phoebe say"Who shall our next victim be?" surprised laura asked phoebe wat she mean, phoebe said the next two people that we think should g out togehther, louise turns o me and says, i think you and ryan make a very good couple! mad

Thursday - I am in a history lesson with kay and laura louise has to sit behind us, lara turns around to talk to her and louise slamms he prep book down on the table and it falls off on to floor, so kay picks it up without louise knowing and passes it to me! I look through it! twisted and i find a list of people strangly all boys names stare so i rip the list out put the prep book back on her table and put the list on ******** twisted ! hahahahahaha im ur face!

Friday - After school i o on MSN and talk to laura, lauara tells me she has just hade the police aroudn her house eek and that they are gonna come to mine gonk i felt really really sick redface lookily it was too late for them to come around cool

Saturday - I go to watch Avatar at the cinema with my sister, i get a text from louise saying the list was of potential boyfriends! So text back sorry i will take it off when i get back home from the cinema stare

Sunday - I take the list off, i decided to tell my sister about what happened sweatdrop i get a phone call from louise and we have sorted te whole list thing out now she wants to know who took the list!? eek so i tell her it was me... sweatdrop and i think every thing is sorted out...

Monday - still no police

Tuesday - still no police

wednesday - i have a go at louise co i was angry

Thursday - still no police

Friday - I get pulled out of lesson and we call a truce! neutral

Saurday - still no police

sunday - still no police

Monday - getting board now..., stilll no police... scream

Tuesday - wahmbulance finally the police ******** came! woo hoo! luckily only me and my dad was in so my mum didnt get to find out, strangly my dad was very calm about this... police lady says louise says you stole the pice of paper and took the book out of her bag to get it! this is alie! scream evil Then the police try to tell me i was cyber bulling louise! B.UL.L.S.H.I.T! exclaim mad I TOLD THE POLICE THAT LOUISE TRYIED TO MAKE ME SMOKE DRINK AND HAVE SEX ONLY A YEAR AGO, after that she ******** shut up exclaim there is evidence to prove this exclaim

Wednesday - 1 in the morning, my mum finds out comes in to my bedroom, and she says that she is totally on my side surprised and she won't shut up... dramallama yada yada yada yada ... dramallama

Thursday -police sorted. louise thingy almost sorted. mum dad sorted. sister sorted. boyf not sorted and best mates have just fallen out... here we go again... burning_eyes gonk stressed CBA oh yeer i need to do my homework to... ********! MY HOMEWORK!!! eek g2g

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