Random entry #1:

Well, I decided there are times I need to vent without pissing my mom off or annoying my friends. So, I thought "Why not gaia?" Then I remembered how people here don't really care what I do or live through. Which is why, it shall be in my journal for friends only..maybe public. Still debating on public really *shrugs* Right now, I'm listening to.."Gift" by seether. I listen to music while I play mostly, so every entry will probably be what I'm currently listening to. My life isn't hard, yet is at the same time. Which, I can't compare, as every life is hard no matter how easy it might seem.

You might notice my entries have paragraphs, I don't like it allll together. Hurts the eyes and mind really.. Hmm... Well, for some of you who noticed: I have a signature. LOL And, it has icons describing what I currently feel. Three times I keep mentioning "the biggest doosh" This guy, we'll call him "M", is one of my biggest crushes. I mean, huge..I think I might have liked him. Scratch the d *edits* Hell, I still like him. M is one of the nicest guys you'll meet, but he is so cruel. We met at 6th grade, and we both liked each other. ( I actually wrote a poem about it, and submitted it) Both of us was too afraid, so we didn't do anything until highschool. And what I mean by anything, is we TALKED at high school. I know, I'm waaaay too shy -.-' Hell, still am to those I reaaally like >//<

Anyways...wow this entry getting long o.o Well, the reader won't mind biggrin ANYWAYS, we talked and I was till shy so he mostly did the talking. I also liked one of his friends "H" and he knew that ^^' Yet, I still liked him more. The thing is, M dates..a lot. I mean, I keep seeing him with a girl, it was never me. Ever. That summer, we texted and while he was dating some chick he offered to pop me. (hopefully you guys get what I mean) I joked around with him, then a month later he started dating ANOTHER chick. ( He never popped me, never will either) While he was dating her, said I could be the next gf -.- I don't care how much I like him, nor his excuses. He's the biggest doosh, and now I can't face him. I still see him at school, and if I glance at him I get upset and sad. Pathetic, I know..

Wellll.... I think that's good for first entry. I got to go though, my brother needs help with his homework. Thanks for reading I guess razz