Random Entry #3

*sigh* I haaattteee my guilt trips. See, there will be something I do then afterwords I CAN'T get my mind off it and I feel ssssoooo guilty. Right now, I was at Panera with my friends. There was a waiter there that was suuppppper hott, my friends said he kept looking over but i was too shy to say hi...TWICE. God, he was so cute and I ******** missed him thanks to my stupidness *sigh*

ANYWAYS, we were dropping off my friend and almost ran over this husky puppy!!! He's tan, soft, and SOOOO cute. But chews the heck out of stuff LOL We're keeping him here until we find hs owner, then he'll be off with his family. It was really hard explaining that to my lil bro n sis XD DUDE! Rain is so freaking epic. In one of the rps I'm in he made it rain, so I just pictured rain..ahhh. How I love the storms, the wind, the cool touch of rain....Too bad it hasn't rained yet here, which SUCKS cuz i miss singing saria's song (from zelda) in the rain while walking really slow to my house or going to my bus stop without an umbrella on purpose. Ahhhh, good times.

SEXY BUNNY ALLIANCE FOR LIFE!!!!! Sry, felt like it >> << LOL well, I'm ending here as I have to go catch up with rps and finishing making one razz Buh bai~!