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Still in Narnia...
So, what had happened was, me and Teddy were totally on our way to Aslans who, when suddenly, this pack of wolves jumped us and Teddy was like 'Roar!' and I was like 'Say wha?!' Teddy was wonderfully ferocious but I was, well, I barely have any fighting skills, so I was swinging a stick like 'Shi-pa!' In the end though we had to submit. Teddy was hurt so bad and the wolves took my computer away.

I sat in this doungen thing for who knew how long. But I had Teddy with me. I had to mend his wounds and stuff cause he was in terrible shape. And just when I though we were goners, the Narnians came! And guess who headed them! That Minitar that freaked me out. He said he was just surprised that a human was there. Hah! I told him I was surprised to see a Minitar.

Well, now we're safe with the Narnians in their camp. Apparently, there's been a battle between them and the growing wolf population. A lot of creatures have joined their evil ranks, but the Narnians have them somewhat in check. They say having a human with them makes them have hope. Everytime a human is there, it seems Aslan comes back. Teddy is a little bit better, but he's still out of commision. I hope he gets better soon. Well, I don't have a lot of time left on my computer, so I'll save my power until something else happens. Bye! Oh, and Go Narnia! heart

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