Random Entry #4

Owwwwww my arm itchie...waahhh...

It better now :3 lol I had to get out of my sweater XD Anyways, a lot happened yesterday! And I'm going to tell the reader all about it, aren't you excited reader? biggrin Like omg, me and my bff in the world went to an epic party! But, it wasn't that epic this time as they were drumming not dancing D: We couldn't dance, how lame is that? Anywys, we went to chat outside and my loooong ost friend calls me. :O See, her name is A, she and me used to be bffs then she started to betray me left and right. -.-' Gosh, anyways it's been a year since that happened...and JUST when we go outside she calls n I'm like "Hi?" She starts saying how it's her, and I gasp n my bff is like "HANG UP!" And i didn't want to be rude >< Sooo I told her I had to go, she apparently wants to be friends again really bad n all.

We were outside for a hour, just chatting about random stuff... Then, my bff wanted to run around in the street. I got scared, then she threw a snowball at me. AND IT WAS ON!!! scream We had an EPIC snowball fight for like two more hours. The snow was half ice, so it hurt dude. This one chick randomly came and started watching us, then eventually she joined us. Her name shall be K, and dude it was like o.o Cuz after we took a break she took us to show something. We go, and t was this darrrk room. I joke around saying," What a epic make out place" Suddenly, she got close to me...then said how her friends play a game when they are alone. burning_eyes My bff got so happy when my mom came right then saying she needed the keys, I leave going to get the keys. Come back, then we have another snow fight.

K was kewl, but there was a chance she was flirting with me and my bff >> << >> << Strange, no? A called again today, well actually her mom. :O It was weird... Her mom was saying how A really needs a friend right now, and I was like D: I understand A thought I would betray her, but all I remember is her betraying me countless times. We talked, I told her why Idk about being friends then she cried x.x (I'm in a smiley mood biggrin ) I had to go to dishes, then my phone says it's low on battery. I've been waiting for it to turn off, n it still haven't. I was going to call her back buuttt IDK I need to plug the phone up though, just in case.

Hmmmm what else? I think that's all lol Hope you enjoyed my fourth entry biggrin