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Bipolar SUCKS!

Community Member
Damn meds are giving me the munchies.. Only at night, of coarse.. When there's no snack food in my room stare
Oh, if there's something to munch on, I won't wake up the least bit hungry, but, if not, I wake up multiple times absolutely starving stressed

I really need to clean my room.. Actually clean it, not just straighten up..
Due to my being at the other house for about a year (or was it two? I don't remember.. I've eaten and slept sense then sweatdrop ) and my recent bought of depression (DAMN you Bipolar disorder!), there's about 1mm (literally) of dust covering some parts of the floor eek

It's gross.. really, really gross gonk

Oh! I had the awesomest (sp?) dream just a bit ago (before I woke up with my stomach trying to eat my back-bone stare ) That I had the smexy Altair here here to cuddle on heart GYA! it felt so damn real! whee

Then, after I get a tiny kiss (just a peck on the lips) he says, "Alright, now get up you damn pig. I have wasted enough time with you." crying
Then I woke up hungry.. crying crying crying crying crying

I need to ask Mommy for another Gaia Cash Card.. I want to grab a few more MC's before Feb's over.. The Grim Reaper is worth so much already!

I already have one for a mule, but she still needs at least one more to look right, then I need a couple to sell later.. once the price jumps up really high xd

so.. that would be 3 MC's .. 299 each.. 897.. I'd have 1,714 left over with the 111 I already have.. I would have enough for 5 more MC's later.. or 2 EI's...
Why the hell do those have to be so damn expensive? stare

Oh well. I'm off to play some Booty Grab.. if there isn't too much lag..

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