Random Entry #5

1- cut a hole a box 2- put ur junk in the box 3-make her open the box!!!!!

LOL I luvs that song biggrin

DUDE! I'm so freaking hyper dude like seriously o.o YOU BETTER RUN!! *chases reader randomly then falls* Meh, you cheated << Yeah u cheated, don't ask me how I know this >:C I JUST KNOW YOU CHEATED > sad Cuz I like lost. LOL Alright, I'm going to test all of you RIGHT here RIGHT now >> << You ready for this? scream GOOD!

Just you try to translate the following paragraph:

My friend like tried to like go with this guy she liked so like then the guy was like "Hey" then she was like "hey" and I was like "YO" then like my friend was like -.-' Then I was like :3 and like i glomped her then like the guy left cuz like he thought I was like crazy so like my friend like got mad but like I glomped her so like she's like all better now!!! The guy like came again like the other day then like my friend was like o.o and I was lik :O cus like the guy was smexy that day cuz like his hair was like freaking perfect and like we were all *.* So like afterwords the guy was like all saying how he like her even though she likes him so like now they together so like I'm like the third wheel which is like really weird but like I'm kewl with it so like bye like yeah.

Confused yet? LOL No one can understand my preppy talk XDDD Me listening to "I hate everything about you" by three days grace. Epic song dude, I swear I think of so many people mostly about the biggest doosh thou. We watched a play today, it was about african americans. The poem was alright, the acting sucked...the only thing i liked was the dances. They read bible s**t, it was sooo lame. BUT, god did help them go through slavery so if they wanna believe in him. The let 'em, right?

Man...I'm one busy a** ********! gonk Wanna know why, reader? Cuz I got so much stuff to do. First, I got school..which means homework and quizzes. After school I do one of the following, or two: Tennis, play, musical, and improv. THEN When I get my a** finally home I gotta cook some dinner. Make sure my bro got his homework done, make sure both of them did all their chorse. Do all my chores, then post in all my rps. THEN get my butt into ed so i wake up in the morning. o.o Is that not a busy day, or what? It's kinda lame, but then again its preparing me for the future so it's alright *shrugs*

Alright I'm going to end it here as I have to go to bed soon, soooo PEACE!