Personality Quiz:

1. Pick your favorite color out of the following:

A. Red
B. Orange
C. Yellow
D. Green
E. Blue
F. Purple

2. Pick your favorite animal out of the following:

A. Cat
B. Dog
C. Fish
D. Snake
E. Parrot
F. Mouse

3. Pick your desired honeymoon spot:

A. Hawaii
B. New York
C. East Africa
D. Spain

4. Pick your favorite instrument:

A. Violin
B. Piano
C. Electric Guitar
D. Drums

5. Pick your favorite soda:

A. Dr. Pepper
B. Sprite
C. Coke
D. Pepsi
E. Mountain Dew

6. Name a person of the opposite gender.

7. Name a person of the same gender.

8. The time now.

9. Your age.

10. Make a wish!


Question number ONE:

A. Red - Adventerous
B. Orange - Fun
C. Yellow - Sweet
D. Green - Wacky
E. Blue - Romantic
F. Purple - Mysterious

Question number TWO:

A. Cat - Feminine
B. Dog - Loving
C. Fish - Boring
D. Snake - Boyish
E. Parrot - Annoying
F. Mouse - Brainy

Question number THREE:

A. Hawaii - Romantic
B. New York - Busy
C. East Africa - Curious
D. Spain - Mysterious

Question number FOUR:

A. Violin - Intellectual
B. Piano - Popular
C. Electric Guitar - Wacky
D. Drums - Wild

Question number FIVE:

A. Dr. Pepper - Popular
B. Sprite - Wacky
C. Coke - Wild
D. Pepsi - Fun
E. Mountain Dew - Athletic

Question number SIX:

That person will have a crush on you after you repost this!

Question number SEVEN:

That person will become your enemy if you don't repost this!

Question number EIGHT:

That is how long you have to repost this! {Ex: 8:31 = 8 hours and 31 minutes}

Question number NINE:

This is how many months that you and the person from question number 6 will go out if you repost this!

Question number TEN:

Your wish will come true if you repost this in the amount of time!