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(Well, I was going through a list of movies I used to love when I was little and I came across this one called Rock-A-Doodle. I rented this movie at least every weekend when I was a kid, and I looked for fanfics...but didn't find one to fit my liking, so I threw one together myself....yeah...this is the first part. And if you don't know the plot to the movie, well, you better watch it! It's a really awesome flick. Oh, and please disregard any grammar or spelling errors. I don't have word anymore because it was a trial, so I use notepad.)

When I was younger, my pa would always tell me this story about how he and a whole group of animals saved the farm. I never believed 'em. I mean, a kid, probably about six or seven, turning into a cat due to some magical owl? Naw, I was used to fairy tales, but that was pushin it. I mean, obviously at first I brought it when I was seven, and everyday I swear I'd hear Chanticleer lul the moon to sleep and crow the sun awake, but it was my imagination getting the better of me. By the time I was 16, I simply blamed it on our own rooster, who I sometimes called Chanti, but he was a lazy thing.
My mother always was practical with things. She'd tell me fairy tale only existed to the rich folk or the people living in the city. I didn't want to believe her, and with my dads adventurous spirit, it was hard to, but the day he went missing, my life crashed and burned.
It was a year before I was able to pick up the old book with Chanticleers name on it, and when I did, I nearly threw it out the window from frustration. Why hadn't he come back and saved my father like he did years ago? Why hadn't crowed in so long? The questions were kept unanswered and one day, I didn't hear Chanti's crow. That's when the rains started. It was strange. I went to school in the rain, returned in the rain, did my duties in the rain, and it did that for a week, each day I didn't hear Chanti. I started to believe that with my fathers disappearance, my faith in his fantasy world was going with him.
My mom called me one night, roughly shaking me. I groaned, throwing the blankets over me again. "What?"
"The river," She said quickly. "It's flooding! We need every hand we can get! Please, Ellen, come help!"
I peaked out at her. She was seriously afraid. All our lives depended on the farm. If it was washed out by the storm, we'd be hopeless. I stood. "Alright, what do you want me to do?"
"Get dressed, the boys are downstairs," She said quickly. I threw on a pair of old overalls and rushed out behind her. I greeted my uncles quickly. But they gave me a look of concern. "Alright, we have to-"
"Mag, are you really gonna let Ellen out in this?" One of them said quickly. I looked up at him. "She's just a kid."
"I'm a young lady," I protested.
"Exactly, you should be asleep. It's late," the other said, pushing me toward the stairs.
"I'm just as capible as you two!" I said loudly.
"You're a youngin," My grandfather said quickly. He looked at me, ruffled my hair and hugged me. "You need your sleep."
"I can do this," I begged. "Please, let me help!"
He shook his head, then looked toward my mother. She sighed. "Ellen, go back to bed. If we really need you, I'll call."
"But mom!" I shouted.
"You heard her," Grandfather said sternly. "Up to bed."
I stared at them. I felt like they all didn't trust me, like they were treating me like I was seven again. "Fine, I'll go to bed," I shouted. "And I'll pray Chanticleer crows so the sun will come up and that Patou and Peepers and everyone will find him and bring him back from the city!" I shouted.
"Ellen, please," My mother reached for me.
I threw my arms up. "No, if dad was here, he'd let me help!"
The whole room fell silent. My mother took in a hurt gasp, then said nothing. She turned toward the door, giving a glance back before she left, following the others. "I hope Chanticleer hears you," She whispered.
I looked back as she closed the door. I sighed. I knew I hurt her, but it hurt to be treated like a kid at 16. I remembered my father as a child in an aged body. He was so enthusiastic about everything. Everyday he'd wake up and whistle this tune. He go out and say high to every animal as if they'd respond, and sometimes they seemed to. Then he'd tell the story of Chanticleer as if he lived it. I couldn't stand it, but when I hit the bed at night, I wished he was right there, holding up the book and reading the whole thing to me.
A clap of thunder shook the whole house. I opened my eyes, finding the whole house was pitch dark. I reached around my nightstand, finding the cold handle of my dads old flashlight. I turned it on. "Mom?" I shouted. The house echoed my call back, the floorboards laughing a shill sound as I moved across to the door. "Mom!?"
The door was thrown inward. I screamed, falling back. The figure in the door was tall, abnormally large. I scrambled back. This was no outline of anyone I knew, but it seemed vaguely familiar. "Who?"
"Oh, no my dear," the voice cackled. A blood freezing tingle was sent up my spine. I gasped. "You do not say that. Only the owls do," He leaned down, smiling widely.
"The Duke," I whispered.
"I'm glad to see my reputation still proceedes me," He took off his monicle, wiping it clean. "Now child, it seems I have a debt to settlte that your father made."
I looked at him. "What?"
"He broke my monicle years ago," He smirked. "These things are very expencive you know? I would've rathered it be in cash, but the moment I took him he didn't have cash on him. So I'll take the debt as a personal item." He smirked.
"You," I looked at him, my heart giving a hopeful leap against my ribs. "You took my father?"
"Yes, a year ago," The Duke said, not paying attention to my hopefulness. "I took him and Chanticleer, and Goldie, and that other gang. They are very," he laughed to himself, "at home with where I put them. Trust me, girl, you have nothing to worry about, well, except for paying off your fathers debt."
I stood quickly, grabbing him by the cape. "Tell me where my father is now!" I shouted.
"A very forceful girl," He smiled. "I like you, too bad it doesn't scare me one bit. You wanna know why?"
"Why?" I hissed.
"Because I can do this," he opened his mouth, and a cloud of smoke and dust spilled out. I dropped him, coughing. He laughed, throwing his wings into the air. The room started spinning, then getting larger. I continued to cough and then stopped when the clouds dispursed. "Now, my dear, you do remind me of your father. A little on the scronny side, but we wont have to worry about that for long."
"What-" I turned around, finding a mirror I thought I lost years ago. I touched the glass. "This isn't real," I whispered. Staring back was a sleek kitten, her fur mangy and short, a very wild striped patter going
down her back. I stepped back. "Oh my god."
"And now, for the fun to begin," The Duke started flying, dipping down and grabbing me by the waist. I shrieked, his talons cutting into my sides as his grip tightened. I scratched at him, but he only laughed. "It's no use, my dear. Your destiny is sealed."
"MOM!" I screamed, waving my arms around widly. I could see her throwing the bags of sand into a makeshift dam by the river. She stopped for a second, looking around, then started working again. "NO, MOM, PLEASE!" I screamed louder, but a clap of thunder muted my voice out. I stared at her as I got farther away from the farm, my home, my family, and my mother.

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Art is the movment, the stillness, the stroke of a pen,pencil, or brush,maybe evan a simple flash of a camera, Art is the one thing that makes a individual their own person

Guess what, 'Boom' Son of a B***h

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