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Journal.... HAHA!!!!
Whatever i feel like typing at the moment..... ='-'=
The "sneak peak" of a part of my book for those who would care to read it::

My heart rate accels. i choke on my own blood as I caugh it out from my lungs. I stare him in the eyes and I know by the fire with in them he knows. He knows how close to the edge of death I am. He laughs at my weak and bloody, beaten body. I some how gain the straingth to pick up my sword. I know now, I still have the slightest bit of reason to live. I can feel a shy flame arising from with in my soul. This is it. I can do this. I thought to myself.

He's stopped laughing now. He raises his sword and I start to laugh. That angers him. I shift to my right as he lunges himself toward me. I have stopped laughing now. I side step to my left unexpectedly. That made him miss which only angers him more. He yells a loud insane scream as he goes for his second attack. I don't move to dodge it this time. I block it with my sword instead. He's shocked. I can tell by the look on his face, and in his eyes. He's frightened.

He knows what I'm thinking. So he knows that I know he's frightened. A low growel from the back of his throut skreaches out. This makes a high pitched ringing in my ear and I back off grabing for my ears. I try to shake it off. Before I could fully recover he lunged again. Slaming his rigged sword through the skin of my stomach. More blood rushes into my lungs. I feel like I could suffecate on it.

My mind goes blank as he starts to laugh again. His laugh reminds me of Zero. It reminds me of Evony. It reminds me of... Dathen! My heart rate accels by even more now. Dathen... my sweet Dathen. You took him form me... I pull back and manage to force a scream through the blood pool in my lungs. "Now you shall pay for that!" I lift my sword above my head and swing it down fast.

Hardly aware of what was happening. The adrenaline highens when i feel the blood of the man who'd stolen my friends, the man who'd stolen the lives of the inoccent, the man who'd stolen my lover, the man who'd stolen my life. "I refuze to let you live on!" Tears arose from my eyes. They burned as they rolled down my face. I had made a large slice through his right arm. He screamed in pain and I smiled. As I did, blood seeped through my teeth. The taste of blood excited me for more.

The hunger for this mans blood. My father's blood, was intense. I couldn't stand it any longer. I felt an ice cold chill freeze my spine. I started to laugh at the sound of his screaming. It was satisfying. A chill to the bone. I will never forget this day. I heard Dathen's voice. He was screaming my name. "Or this moment! Die, now. and accept the feeling of defeat. I can either leave you to die alone and slowly now or kill you instantly. I am giving you-" I lunges my sword deeper into his shoulder. "the choise!"

I could feel the emptiness drain from my soul as he tried to speak. I could still hear Dathen's voise. More tears came to my eyes. "Chose God damnit! Or I'll chose for you!" He tried to move his arms, and failed. He could barly speak. But I could some how make out what he was saying.

"Why?" He paused for a breath. "Why my child?" This question made me want to scream and just kill him instantly. But I could not. I could not kill him instatly I wanted him to suffer. I didn't care if he'd chosen to die quickly I would not let him die with out suffer. I made the rain around us into acid. It had no effect on me. But I could say other wise for him. It burnned his flesh and the smell of it was thrilling to me. I wan't sure if I should answer him or not. Maybe he'd regret life and never be reborn if I tell him.

"Why you ask of me? Why! Because you lied! I thought you were dead! That's what made mother sick! It's all your fault!" Iwas now crying harder than any human could ever possibly get close to. "It's your fault I'm diffrent! It is your fault their all gone! Murderer!" I raised my sword and lunged it into his heart. "Your a sick, cold person. You deserve what your getting!" I twisted the handle slowly. He screamed in agonizing pain.

He kicked me back unexpectedly with his feet. Next thing I knew our swords clashed and sparks and blood flew. It was a beautiful dance of chaos in my eyes. How is he able to stand! let alone raise a finger! A certain fear came to mind. More skars flew. I fell back and lost a hold of my sword. He stepped forward and raised his sword to my neck.

"Your mother made herself sick!" He raised his sword and started ti swing it down ward toward my neck. I heard Zero and Evony's voice inthe back round and harsh, quick foot steps. I started to black out and before everything went black I heard a wofl growel and seen a giant, silky looking black wofl leap over my head and pounce on my father. My last thought was that it was him. It was my Dathen. Than I remember looking up and seeing the rain falling. I heard more foot steps, then past out from loss of blood and exostion.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Apr 19, 2010 @ 08:15pm
Nice^^ Who's Dathen? What happened to Vallen? Unless you don't want Vallen anymore..

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