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90% RPC's, %10 miscellaneous.
New RP plots (new plots often added)
PLOT ONE: "Persons Unknown Meets an Anime Crossover"
romance is welcome in this rp
I've fallen for that Persons Unknown show, it's AMAZING. I also love anime crossovers, so why not put them together?
To put it simply, two characters from two different animes are kidnapped when they least expect it. When they wake up, they're in an unfamiliar room. When they escape the room, they run into each other and, after some confusion and possible fighting or arguing, they find that the other has been kidnapped as well and poses no threat.
They now have to find a way to escape while also trying to survive the 'games' these mystery kidnappers play on them. All the while, they never even see the face of any of those responsible.
(In the show, EVERYthing the victims try fails. Like the kidnappers see everything coming. So escaping wont be easy. Please don't god-mode and like... teleport back home or something stupid like that... Have fun with it and make it interesting.)

PLOT TWO: "Fanfiction Becomes Nonfiction!"
[onexone, twoxtwo, threexthree (I can go on all day), forum rp, etc.]
For most of them, I'd prefer to be the anime character rather than the OC :3 sorta depends on the anime (unless it's a *cough*yaoi*cough* then I wont mind.. xD) (...smooth..) (...urg)

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This one's plot is basically about an Otaku (let's assume female for now) who doesn't have the greatest life. (not too many friends, etc) She wishes every day that she could leave her own world and live in the perfect world of anime. A normal wish for an Otaku. But these wishes never come true in real life.
One night, the girl gets one of those chain mails that also never come true. This was one that ended with 'send to three people and your wish will come true'. She sent it for kicks and made her usual wish, even knowing chain mail isn't real. After that, she fell asleep in her own bed for the last time.

The otaku wakes up in a new place she has never seen. Soon enough, she runs into none other than [character's name]. After the first few minutes with the character, there's no mistaking it. She has somehow entered the universe of [anime]. She must now find her way home--that is, if she decides to go home at all--while spending her days with her favorite anime character(s).
[how she gets home or if she gets home is something that can be discussed after starting]
P.S. If it's an anime involving powers, your otaku doesn't have to have any. She can either have no powers and be the comedic human who freaks out while he/she watches fireballs fly through the air, or he/she can discover abilities (related to the show) overtime.
P.P.S. be realistic; don't have your character meet (for example) Kakashi and be like "woah. That's unexpected.." If your character wants to attempt to keep his/her cool, that's fine. But if this were to happen to YOU, I'm sure you'd be at least thinking something like, "WTH is going on?! I..Is that... no way!" This is a mixture between comedy and romance. Meaning COMEDY and ROMANCE is wanted :3
P.P.P.S. I commented on this journal with a list of manga or anime I've read/watched or am currently reading/watching. Choose some favorite characters and if I feel I can RP as one of them, we can do that :3

PLOT THREE: "Opposites attract? Says who?"
(they can be human or any other race)

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The characters consist of a man (21 years of age, most likely) who is seen as a very dark person; non-social, always wearing dark clothes, scares others away with just one look. He is seen as very frightening and is always avoided. In a way, he likes it this way.
The story also consists of a woman/teen (whatever age you want) who is.. well.. his total opposite. Cute (not that he isn't good-looking. Though he'd look better w/out the dark make-up), social, tries to avoid dark colors, and can be quite the optimist. There is only one known thing they have in common; they spend their free time at the same place.
The girl is almost always with friends, while the man hangs around the same spot, almost like a ghost glued to where he'd died. The man wont hesitate to give the woman the same treatment as everyone else. Even the mall cops are a bit intimidated by this man, due to rumors that he's killed a few people who dared to bother him. No one knows if it's true or not, but who would have the guts to ask?

Now for the actual plot (sorry for the long character intros!) One night when the woman is alone, she finds herself in some sort of danger. (creeps, an oncoming vehicle, rabid dog, etc.) Just before she can get too deep into trouble, the man everyone fears decides to save her from the threat... then leaves without a word.
The woman finds him that weekend and tries to thank him, only getting the usual treatment, but she doesn't give up. She sees him as a hero; she saw a glimpse of the kindness in his heart no one else could ever see, and she refuses to leave him alone until she can bring out the kindness in him. Or at least repay him for saving her.

Will this bright-eyed woman be able to melt the ice around his cold heart, or will she simply get rejected? And will she ever find out the truth about what makes this man's heart so cold in the first place?


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commentCommented on: Tue May 18, 2010 @ 02:50am

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