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my stories

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Guardian Angel III
All I knew was that he had light brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes. I opened my eyes a little more and I saw his features more clearly. He was absolutely gorgeous. I mean he could be a super model. I started to blush bright red, oh god I hope he doesn’t see me... I thought in my head. I could hear his thoughts; they were full of, ‘is she okay?’ ‘I hope she is.’ That’s all that kept flowing through his mind and mine. I opened my fingers a little to look at him. He was sort of frowning, like he was really worried about me. It was like we had been friends for years kind of worried look. I uncovered my whole face, even though I was still blushing. He smiled a soft smile at me, “Are you okay?” He asked me in a soft sweet voice. I began to nod then I winced. I put my hand on the back of my head. I brought it back around to my face so I could see it. There was a red dot on my hand. The boy saw it and that’s all her needed to take me to the nurse’s office.
The nurse’s office was really cold, I hated in there. It felt like the time were I got my tonsils taken out, but with out the ice cream. I lay on the hospital bed, with a towel under my head. The nurse came over every once in a while and asked if I’d like to go home. Every time I answered it was a no. This was the 5th time she asked and I was getting really annoyed. I was about to yell out ‘NO!’ but I sighed and said “No…” in my quiet voice. The nurse walked away and the boy, who carried me here, walked in. He walked over to the side of the bed, looked at me, and smiled. I blushed again. He was really gorgeous, he had a beautiful face. His eyes they’re like diamonds in a pool of water with the sun shining directly on them. “How do you feel?” He asked, his voice was beautiful, I just thought it was soft and sweet. Now that I have all my senses some what back, his voice was like velvet. “I-I-I feel f-f-fine…” I stuttered. Oh god, I sounded like a complete and total idiot! I smiled at him and he smiled back. I let myself relax a little, I had to know what he was thinking. When I made my mind quiet down, I listened to his thoughts. “Wow… I can’t believe how pretty she is…” I looked at him and he just smiled at me. I blushed again. He chuckled in his mind, “She’s so cute when she blushes…” I let my thoughts feel up my head again. I sighed, and then something came to my mind. I didn’t even know his name! I looked at him and sat up. “What’s your name?” I needed to know.

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