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He looked at me and chuckled. He made me lay back down, so I did. I lay down on the bed, and looked at him. He sat on the edge on the bed, and said, “My name is Oliver Ryter…” I gasped, that name rang a huge bell inside my head. This was Oliver Ryter; he was the new student my friend Lilly was talking about. She said, “Oh my gosh, he is adorable! He is like gorgeous!!” I rolled my eyes at her when she said this. Every boy that she said was gorgeous was usually a jerk, and wanted to get into a girl’s pants. That made me mad right there, so I looked up at Oliver. More like glared at him, and said “Hello Oliver, I’m Derika… I would love to stay and chat but I have a class to be in!” I hopped up off the table. There was a bandage around my head. So my head wouldn’t bleed anymore. “Wait! Derika I think you should lay back down!” “Go away!” I heard Oliver walking behind me. I was getting really pissed off, I hated when I told some one to ‘go away’ they won’t go away. So I stopped, turned around and looked at him. He was right in front of me. I jumped back a few feet. “Derika I really thin-”
“No! I’m not going back there so you can persuade me to do what you will with me!”
“What!? Derika I wa-”
“Don’t say that you weren’t because I know you were!”
With that said I turned myself around and walked away again. I heard him turn around and walk away. I was fuming; I was half way to my classroom. When my headache started back up. I winced, and stopped myself. I leaned against a wall. I slid down to sit on the ground. So many thoughts were going through my head at once. This only happened everyday when the bell was about to ring. I held my head and curled up into a ball. The pain was unbearable now; I would usually be able to handle it when I had at least two headache pills.
As I was sitting there in pain, I heard some one coming up the stairs. I tried to concentrate to see who it was; I heard a guy’s voice. It was Oliver’s voice. I started to get up off the wall, but I couldn’t. I fell back down. I held my head in my hands and winced. I heard Oliver’s voice, he sounded like he was looking for me. He was really worried about me to. I need my medication, and it would take Oliver longer if he didn’t get a hint where I was. I couldn’t say anything, but I could let out a cry. So I opened my mouth and a yelp came out. I closed my mouth quickly after that. I didn’t hear Oliver’s voice for a second, and then I heard him again. He knew were I was. I smiled with relief, I heard footstep coming up the stairs fast. I looked over at the opening of the stair case, and I saw him look out. He immediately saw, “Derika!” He yelled in a soft voice

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