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Journal.... HAHA!!!!
Whatever i feel like typing at the moment..... ='-'=
The sight of the glistening silver, so close to my flesh, sends a chill down my spine. His voice echos... piercing the surface of my heart, ever so delicately. I cringe and with a swift, smooth movement, I feel the blade pierce my skin, stinging pain rushes itself through out my blood system, vibrating through my muscles and back off the inside of my skin. The floor is cold as it touches my bare knees, slamming against the tile floor. I try not to let my tears fall past my eyelids... crying just shows weakness. I deserve this pain. I've ruined him. This is far from the punishment of what I deserve. I'm so sorry I have ruined the beautiful person you where... I have just made things worse. My hand slams against the freezing floor and is soon warmed by my blood. The blood lunging itself from the depth of my stomach, through my lungs, and out my lips. The sounds around me intensify. The door creaked open. As my cheek presses against the cold floor and I slowly creep onto my side I hear his keys hit the counter. My hearing is intensified as well and I can hear is jacket sliding off of his muscular arms and onto the coat hanger. I start to slip in and out of consciousness as he peers around the corner. I can hear his voice. It's calling my name. He sounds scared. I can hear his knees slam against the tile floor and slide to my side. He takes me into the warm embrace of his arms and holds my limp and pail body to his chest. His skin is so warm against mine. It makes me feel whole again. Like the usual me. But I could not take it anymore. I could not bare losing another child, or hurting him... again. The nightmare keeps repeating itself. I refuse to allow it again. I start to slowly realize what I've done as I feel his sweet tears hit the cheeks of my face. His cries of my name keep coming in and out of hearing. I am slowly slipping into a deep sleep. One that of which I fully regret. His voice makes me want to take back time. To the time of when I first took that knife in my hand. From the first thought of ever taking it to my stomach as I did. His warm hand slowly covered mine and removed my hand from the handle of the knife, one finger at a time and he slowly removed it from my stomach. I felt his body cringe as I coughed out blood. The sight of so much blood from my body might have scared him. But I could not tell anymore. My vision had fully blurred. All I could see was his dark figure and light all around him as my life sliped through his fingers, and he held me... watching.

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