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The journal ;D
My poems
1. No Escape

And so I'll wrap myself in this cocoon,
And hope to seal these open wounds.

I'll wrap myself in this cocoon,
And hope to sprout wings soon
To get away from this wretched place

- And from you...
But from you,
From you, I'll never truly escape.

2. Dragged Back

Running, running,
Gasping for air.
Can't stop here,
Can't stop there.

I'm almost there.
But oh, what is this?
A tug, i feel?
A small, yet firm, pull?

Now I'm being dragged back,
Kicking and screaming.
I was almost there, with
not a care... until you
came back.

Now I'm
holding onto the floor
for dear life,
Tears cascading
down my face...

But in reality,
Am I really resisting?
Or am I going willingly?

3. Treading Lightly

Sometimes I just want to give in,
To let life win.
For the darkness to consume me,
As I fall asleep.

It all seems so very hard,
This game we call life.
With war and hate, jealousy and drama.
Why must life be so full of suffering?

Why can not it be just bliss?
Pure happiness, that’s what I want.
It seems like I’ll never achieve it,
Especially at the rate I’m going.

No one understands me,
How could they?
No one understands just how sad I am.
A smile, a smile to cover all the wounds.
A smile to cover my utter doom.

A laugh to comfort those around me,
Such a good mask, no one can tell.
I was faking yesterday, and still am today.

I’m such a good little actress, you see,
So much so that everyone fails to notice,
These dark thoughts that come over me,
Threaten to take over.
I’m on the edge, still haven’t fallen,
But for how long?

On the outside I’m cheery and joyful,
On the inside? Quite remorseful.
Your words, they hurt me, they get down deep.
I pretend to shake them off, but it’s all a lie.
I keep them inside, locked in my very core.

They haunt me everyday, believe me, they do.
I never fail to remember you.
Each and every day I try, it all seems futile.
Why even try when it’ll all be taken away?

4. Defenseless

Promised myself 'never more'
Promised myself to stay away.
To protect myself, to stay strong.

But now, it's all gone wrong.
I can no longer defend the walls
that surround my heart.
I can no longer keep my defenses up.

You've penetrated through them,
Once again. And it's all my fault.
It's all happening so fast...too fast.

I don't think i can bear it,
Not a moment longer.
But I feel i have to let you in.
Because maybe, just maybe
My first instinct was wrong.

It's time to stop running,
To face my fears and the consequences...
Whether good or bad, hopefully the former.

5. Savior

Head just above water.
I'll fight till the end.
Forces pulling me down
to the deep abyss.

I continue forward,
gasping for breath.
When will the pain subside?
When will this misery end?

I'm on the edge, tipping over.
My strength is ebbing,
Yet still I try.
It's do or die.

My life flashes before my eyes,
I try once more...
My eyes shut, my breathing slows.
I lie on the beach, caressing the sand.

As I'm drifting to sleep, I hear someone calling.
"Go away" I say, "let me sleep."
But that voice, oh that ever so persistent voice,
It kept calling, not wanting to give up.
Not letting me give up.

That voice, reminding me of why I couldn't give up.
I open my eyes, to see you staring down at me.
My savior, the one that still believed in me.

6. Planet Eaters

We are the planet destroyers,
the plague,
the pests.
Those that rid planets of life.

Ignorant, stubborn, stupid, are we.
To not see what we have become,
what we have failed to do,
what we have done.

The future will pay for our mistakes,
the past can not be erased.

Time to stand up and fight,
to fight for our planet,
to fight for our home.

7. Hope

She's alone, utterly alone.
Emptied of everything,
Nothing left to give.

Drained of emotion,
No longer feeling,
Only weeping.

Sorrow in her eyes,
Pain in her chest,
No need to cry,
She starts to realize.

Stands up straight
Dusts herself off,
Walks out again,
Head held high.

8. Given Up

New paths,
Past is gone, never to return.
New people,
New friends, always moving on.

People coming in and out,
and in and out again.
Only those that stay shine like gold.

Everything's changing.
How can this be?
You said we'd never drift apart,
You said you'd always hold me dear...
Now I see through all your lies.

I've learned the hard way,
Sad but true.
I've learned it's impossible for me to love you.
No more trying, I'm giving up.
No more lying, it's just too much.
I'm done.

1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8,

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The Official Garrett
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Sep 04, 2010 @ 11:45am
There Awesome!! wink

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