I believe my glory has been found by CONSTANT trial and error.
When I first received a computer, I was pretty young, and shy, and even more over weight, and I guess a loser(in my eyes). I googled digimon and got rule 34, that was one chain broken that was going to unleash my true self. anyways lets move on!
I wasn't caught up on girls at the moment, I was mostly just some kid with a computer and knew about runescape, so I played that for quite a bit, years I think, didn't learn much from that besides my love for rpgs and more computer games. Later on, I found out about this site called bebo(found it before also, by seeing this hot asian girl talk about it). Though back then I was young and didn't know much about talking to girls let alone one online. Anyways, I joined bebo, talked with girls on there, dated 2 online(one faking her actual existence, as in, not saying who she was. stole pictures?). Another was one that my friend Raven dated. This one, I believe, showed me how I have a way with words and lying about my feelings I guess. I did love her but sometimes I just felt like saying things to just keep her you know? Sadly that trait stuck with me for quite awhile...

I played more games like maple story and gaia. Both broke numerous chains.
I was a gigantic nerd horn dog back then, just flirting for my own pleasure and not really caring about how the girls fell when I got bored and stopped talking to them.
Yes I know it was bad but it showed me that the internet shouldn't be taken so seriously. Anyways, I use to talk like this

Hai there! ^.^ how r u?

******** disgusting stuff right there right? I did lots of weird stuff back then. I don't think I tried to be random but I know I thought I was, something like that. I'm not sure what made me start talking like a actual human but I'm glad it happened.

I have met four people that have changed my life sadly...because I really don't want to be bothered by them. It's not that I hate them, I just think they're a waste of my time.
Any who, they're Haleigh, Martina, Akemi, and Karina. I've been with many other pixel women though.
Akemi showed me the kind of girl I wanted in a few ways, she actually was nice to me, she showed me a side of a girl I didn't see before, she was just someone I thought was interesting(at the moment) but then it sorta crashed. Next is Martina, she told me to never say I love you unless you meant it, I tried very hard NOT too and it sorta worked but the word still escapes my mouth when I feel like it shouldn't have. I've always been unbalanced with the feeling of love. ANYWAYS, Martina helped me grow up mentally. Karina, she was fantastic she would have to be important since she reminded me of myself. We were both unsure of how we felt in someways, love was there but we seemed to have different views on it. She made it seem like I told her I loved her to much, she said that I put her on this pillar that she can't stand on. I tried to tell her that she couldn't fall if she wasn't on a pillar but she couldn't listen to me. Oh well right? She just showed me that I wanted a serious relationship and that I should never let another girl into my life, regardless of one being internet and another being in real life.
Haleigh was just something that I can't really explain but, she seems to be the biggest thorn I had. She showed me not mess with someone who can't handle themselves and how you shouldn't settle for someone who's worse than you(yea that's mean but it's the truth, just do better if you can.)
She also showed me a quick spark of love, it felt amazing but she kept putting me out. - _-

In between all that crap I think I went through a lot. I've looked at my scars and decided to not let that happen ever again. I also decided I should go with the girl who I should've stayed with the first time I met her.
Her name is Hazel, she's the girl where I knew was the best but my mind got in way and distorted it. Why? Because I'm a stupid s**t.
Anyways, she's never once has messed with me, she never made me mad or sad, she was always the girl who made me smile like bear with a full stomach.
Hazel is too good to be true, and guess the ******** what? She is!
I made a promise that I was never gonna mess up and I'll stick with it, it's obviously worth it and I might not get a chance like this ever again in my life.
Finally I've become the king who I should've been in the first place and now I have the queen to go with it.

Now for a TLDR version with more details lol
>Rule 34
>social networks
>Noob dating
>Noob talking
>Noob games
>More noob dating
>More noob talking
>Gaia and maple story
>Not as much noob talk
>s**t ton of dating
>Proper grammar
>s**t ton of flirting
>s**t ton of dating again
>Grew a pair
>Flirt more
>more dating
>Huge mistakes
>date Hazel
>be a retard and date Haleigh
>Date Hazel again
>Be a huge f*****t and date Haleigh again
>Date Hazel (luckily)
>Perfected king attitude
>Be a happy king