Why do I love bears? Why are bears sexy murther furkers?
Why aren't they?! Hwah, didn't see that little switchy mcdoodle thingy did ya?

When I was a child I played one of those hook claw bull crap games at the store, I pulled out a bear, a pretty dang cool one too, I mean I did get it with my own luck cool .
Anyways from there one I guess that was my first time with a bear. I grew I guess and my mom called me a bear since all I really did was eat and sleep. I was gentle,lazy, and just ate anything I could if I was hungry lol. Now it's happening again but I guess more like bear this time, I wake up in the middle of the night and I just want something to eat and drink, there'd be cereal on the floor that didn't go into my bowl...why? Well I'm tired most of the time and with that being said I just don't care, I just want food in my belly.
A girl named Hazel sparked my interest for bears too, she reawakened the bear fiend within me, we even made pirate bears, which is pretty damn cool. I'm now with this cool bear fiend woman too, furk year? FURK YEAR! cool

Bears on shows that I've seen have represented courage/strength which is pretty neat, I mean they have it but don't exactly show it all the time, they see to swat people around and when they get serious the power of them increases 20000 fold! Which is my guess but they look pretty 'beastly' when they fight. Growling and prolly smack talking about your mama bear, biting and scratching.

So yea bears are pretty neat.
That and they have various views on how people see them, some soft and cuddly like a teddy bear or mean and snarling like a true epic beast.