Name: Cheska Namio

Age: 17

Birthday: September 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Race: Witch

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 122lbs

Abilities: She can set objects aflame, but she has to know what it is where it is and she has to have seen it with her own eyes. The flame is usually a black flame and is often referred to as a curse because only the object that she set fire to is really affected. There is no heat that is emitted.

Bio: Cheska never knew who her real parents were. She grew up in a small orphanage until she was seven years old. She never made any friends there (mostly because people thought she was weird or crazy.)

When she was seven, she had been adopted into a small family because the director of the orphanage lied to an old couple, telling them that Cheska was a sweet young girl who was very obedient. This was not the case and her new ‘parents’ resented her for it. Three years after being adopted her new older sister was married and her older brother was already in college.

Her adoptive mother made a comment comparing Cheska to her sister, and Cheska snapped. She unintentionally set all of the flowers on fire and even singed her sister’s wedding gown.

Both her mother and her father were left alone with Cheska as the only child in the house. She slowly got older and a bit more reclusive. She didn’t like dealing with people and even went out of her way to avoid them at all cost. Her mother still made remarks that compared Cheska to her sister, but only when she was in the presence of others, fearing being alone with the girl.

She harbors a deep hatred for her mother and sister.

Her life in the orphanage: Cheska had lived in the orphanage for as long as she could remember until she was seven years old. Up until then, she didn’t have any friends, and anyone who had ever tried to get close to her was either adopted shortly after, or just trying to find new things to tease her about.

She developed trust issues when she was six years old, when one of the boys had pretended to like her, only to try and humiliate her in front of everyone. Needless to say, that boy didn’t get away unpunished. She’d snuck into his room later the next day, while everyone was outside playing. She threw all of his clothes into a pile on the floor and tore multiple holes in the mattress on his bed. She kicked holes in his wall and put fire ants in his blanket.

Of course, the headmaster of the orphanage didn’t approve of her behavior, referring to it as a simple ‘prank’, even though she kept telling him it was for revenge. She had been placed under restriction and wasn’t allowed to leave her room except for classes and meals. This lasted until she was adopted, which was actually just the headmaster’s attempt to get rid of her.

Personality: She’s quirky at times, and she tends to laugh at the most inappropriate moments. She’s total smart a**. Whenever people first meet her, she comes off as shy and quiet, but her temper usually results in minor explosions or flaming objects. She can be rather creepy when she’s in a good mood. She’s only slightly perverted. She usually only whistles and makes lewd comments, and every now and then a grope or two.

Appearance: Long straight raven black hair (reaches about five inches past her shoulders.) Deep crimson eyes and really light skin. She's approximately 5'7",weighs 122 lbs, and she wears a size 34 B bra. I may use this image most of the time in RP's to make things simpler. ((No I did not make that, and I do not take credit for it)) Some other drawings of her (that I actually drew are) are here

Likes: Cakes, loud rock music, playing with dangerous chemicals and fire, dark places, explosions, the color blue

Dislikes: Bright lights, cold weather, cigarette smoke, most bugs, incessant loud noises (tapping, banging, etc.)

Specifications about her Race: The line of witches that she comes from are physically incapable of bearing or children. It's a very linear system. Only one witch is capable of existing at a time. For the next witch to be born, the current one must be weakened and killed using fire.


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