Name: Heather Namio Heimer

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Race: Human

Abilities: She manipulates people to get what she wants.

Bio: Heather was always praised as the oldest and most obedient out of her and her brother. She looked down on her brother’s personality, saying that he was too ‘dark’ and ‘unsocial’. She had always been the center of attention at any social occasions she had attended. People would always comment on her bright personality and determined outlook on things.

Her parents had always told her to get whatever she wanted. She took that advice to heart completely and manipulated others into getting whatever she wanted. She even went as far as to sleep with the principal in high school to get awards at the end of the year. She would flirt with her teachers and occasionally sleep with them to get a good score on a major assignment.

Of course, her parents didn’t know how she managed to get such good grades, but to them the how didn’t matter. Chester had always made snide remarks at her level of intelligence. The two of them would bicker about anything and everything.

Whenever Cheska was adopted, Heather was a little peeved. She was the only daughter in the house. She did everything in her power to make the younger girl look bad. After three years, Heather married her high school literature teacher, Roderich Heimer. The wedding was a disaster because Cheska scared the guests, destroyed the flowers, and ruined her wedding dress. She hasn’t ever forgiven her, and still holds it against her by calling her a ‘worthless scoundrel’.

Personality: She acts sweet and kind to strangers, but those who really know her know that she’s stuck up, however, most choose to ignore it. She complains about minor things and looks down on just about everyone.

Appearance: Heather has long curly blond hair that reaches her hips. She has deep emerald-blue eyes and honey toned skin. She’s approximately 5’ 8”, weighs 147lbs, and her bra size is 34 D. She usually wears bright shades of either blue, green, or yellow.

Likes: Rich people, hot tea, sunny days, and long walks through gardens

Dislikes: Dirt, dark colors, the rain, being told ‘no’, and Cheska


[C]heska & [C]hester