heart BIG BANG:stay heart

Can you feel me now
Take a deep breath and let me explain
All the pain that's been wreckin my brain
Gettin so close to goin' insane
And see you standing there
And the feelin' never gonna be the same
seems like we missed the whole damn train
Blame is all we have for us

And I can let in get in the way
Even if the love is the clstly price to pay
Lookin' back life love was the game of cliche
Gotta move away sacrifice my heart and let you breath again baby girl

Everything is too late now,
The way she never spoke at times,
That our relationship was becoming solitary,
Now that I'm alone

Her being by my side was something I thought was natural,
The mail I sent; User unknown

In the empty closet,
The promise ring we chose together for her birthday,
Lays in the corner

Before the door closes, baby please don't go away,
I regret not expressing my feelings, what you to say,
Although I come to regret now, I know it's late,
There is nobody who can take her place,
I want you to stay, want you to stay

The last words, yes,
They were 'Thanks' rather than 'Take care'
It shows it's the end, getting over me

It's the proof that I could not give what she wanted,
The key of the mail box, End of the story

The night will come in the room I'm alone in,
I can't see the lady who would be smiling in pictures

There will be no chance that I can forget you,
Baby please don't fade away,
You won't erase all day,
Want you to stay,
Because it makes me this sad, I know it's late
Her existence which I had to keep,
I want you to stay, want you to stay