Yeah, I got hacked. So what?
I don't really care much about Gaia anymore, but I care ALOT
of the people who're IN Gaia! :3
I wont be leaving for awhile. And thank you to everyone who have given, and offered donations! Please look for your name below ^^
I was completely shocked when I got hacked, though. I tried buying an item, but it said the password was wrong. I tried caps, everything. But it wouldnt work. I quickly went to
my settings, and i found that my "email" had been changed.
I just panicked completely. XD
But now here I am, still going strong and hopefully (at LEAST for 2 more years) staying for quite awhile. I expect to meet new friends, and keep talking to my original peoples. ;D Sooner or later, I might make a facebook or photobucket. So wait for Avi Art! =D
I'm excited too. XD Gaia has been a big part of me, now that Ive been here for nearly a year. Im very proud. cool
So stick with me, make me content, and hang out sometime in rally, towns, or zOMG! Either if it's a one on one, groupees, or meeting each other (some of my friends dont know each other yet), im usually open, since im always so bored. XD
Donations from:
Naturally Morbid (15k)
Endeh (15k)
Devil_Sam_2 (2k)
Bubblesforever (1k)
Ninja_Mileena (clothes!!)

Offered help:

Thanks to Everyone!