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c** my Way
Behind the scenes of what I tend to think.
To the one who broke my heart
I remained true for as long as I could. I remained loyal, caring, and doting while your were away from my reach. My heart throbbed in sadness and my body ached for your touch. Then, when suddenly you no longer carressed me, or even bothered to call when I needed you most...

What was I to do? I sought comfort at first... just someone to hold me, someone to tell me I was beautiful. Then the further it went on, the more I got sucked in and I faultered. I am not the only one who is guilty though. Oh no... Were you not the one who touched and tasted another woman? Who let another woman pleasure you in the ways only I was suppose to?

I needed you, I would ask for you to come, to help me and make me feel the love you supposedly had for me. It hurts, doesn't it? Like your heart was ripped out and crushed before your very eyes. You weep until there's nothing left but broken sobs, voice hoarse from the screaming.

I did feel the remorse. Waking up in a strange bed, with a man I barely knew. I did. How was I to know he would reach you before I could? Now that I am a slut, a filthy dirty whore in your eyes... I will move on. I will be happy and no longer shed tears for what was and what could have been. You're right, what we had WAS once wonderful, but the moment you strayed and began to distance yourself from me, I was foolish not to end it. I loved you, and will always, but life moves on and so I sit here and burn the pictures, packing the things you gave me to send back... I sit here and say goodbye.

Goodbye my dear, my lover, my world. I sacrificed so much for you but I see now I was nothing more then an idiot, a girl who knew nothing then. A year we shared together, and so many memories. I will hold you close to my heart but no more shall you hurt me.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Oct 16, 2014 @ 11:31pm
poetic but true.

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