"Give me a second girls,"Laura smiled sweetly at the other women in the sitting room,standing and walking to where her fiancée was waiting."Come along dear,"her gaze turned cold.
"Yes,love,"he followed her into the hallway,not flinching when her thin hand slammed against his cheek.
"How dare you interrupt one of my parties for your meaningless talks,"she snapped,keeping her voice low enough where her guests couldn't hear but loud enough to get her point across."Did you even think before you showed up at the door?"
"Yes dear.I was wondering-"
"I don't care what you were wondering!It could have waited until my friends left!"she glared into his bruised grey eyes."What is it?Since you're here anyway."
"I was wondering what you would like to do tomorrow,"he stayed unflinching as her cold blue eyes warmed with mocking laughter.
"You know exactly what we're doing tomorrow.I'm going home for the weekend and you're going to stay in your office where you belong,"she smiled."Just think of it as a bit of time for you to figure out how to become an adequate husband-to-be,"she turned on her heel and walking back toward the sitting room."You're dismissed by the way."
"Yes love,"he turned,walking to his office.Larry had better have taken the hint and left.