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10,000,000's Journal
The old posts are saved things for Gate. Posts after 06/04 are updates on 10,000,000 Pages
WHITELIST POST: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Part 1: Significant Contributors

10,000+ posts: Mellody123, schnauzers4robin, Callipygia, Dark090, nikui-garu, [NAME EXPUNGED], super_t3, Spiffaliciously Awesome, Enigma Ice Wolf, Theanator, black_and_white_28, FyoraSilverwolf, Cat Sapphire, XxChibi_Kitsune_AzumixX, Mary Jane SM2, [NAME EXPUNGED] (now kaiz), Professional Sinner, DaniRhapsody, LIDSTER!

K0nda_l0rd_0f_eiganj0/Cataran: For creating the original thread. There were so many good times there...

Spidar: For being the original regular of the original thread, being a fun and enjoyable person, for TONS of posts (most on the original), and for making a banner. Has started coming by a bit more often.

S1lverl1ng (formerly known as 51LV3R M00NL16H7): For PMing all the old regulars about the new thread and being a regular.

Blade of Zeus/The Argentavis: For giving away 5000 of his own gold every 1000 pages. Zeus is the prizegiver, Argen is the poster.

LadyDraka: For giving out TWO (if cheap. if they are more than 22,500 gold, then it is one) Monthly Collectibles for the first poster in every 10,000th page! She also designed our first banner.

super's soon to be new spot. ^^

I Tsumi I: The fact that that is her username overrides the no capitalization of "i" rule. She is such a nice person. And lives relatively close to me, but not as close as Mind. Has now been bumped way up the whitelist. XD (Last day Feb 2009 no longer applies, lol)

King Awesomolocity: Good friend and active regular. Does not number posts and does not like receiving prizes. Has helped me greatly by taking over my pagechecking and prizegiving (which i supplied him 2 million pure for). :3

X Twilight Abyss X & Fire Calling: Their reason for section 1 whitelisting is not their post count, neither is at 1,000 yet. However, what they did to deserve it was make for me something i had dreamed about getting for weeks and had asked most of the girls in the thread and either gotten a no or barely maybe. What they did was so beautiful, words could not properly describe it. =D

KiraYukii: Now makes art for the first poster on every 1,000th page!

iheartshrooms: Used to be a regular. Supplied me with gold for donations and made the 10,000,000 pages mule (10millionpages).

NickyNakole: For tons of posts and being a fun and enjoyable person. Currently the most active regular, active enough to earn a spot in the first part of the whitelist! Mule: Nicky the Mule. New mule: Nikoli the BoredOne.

Fangs_Katana: (New account. old account was Fangs_Phoenix (formerly known as fangs_ice_phoenix. before that, fang_of_ice)): For tons of posts and being a fun and enjoyable person. Also, is the one giving prizes for 250 posts.

Mellody123: For tons of posts, being the first to reach each post goal, and being a fun and enjoyable person. Is a zOMG addict like me. She actually has more posts in this thread than i do total (She did right before she got hit by work stress in February and could barely post anymore). eek Full time software engineer.

angeljellodevil: For plenty of posts and being a fun and enjoyable person. For reaching 1,000 posts, she gets a spot in the top.

moonlight future: Got over 1,000 posts, vanished for a while and came back to continue counting. Stupid b***h just up and quit gaia without f***ing warning. Might move her to blacklist just because of anger.

bluemint12: Reached 1,000 posts. She once accidentally lost several hundred posts and didn't realize it. Lol. i have convinced her to talk instead of just bumping and now has actually brought conversation into the middle of bumping XD

adarastar: Reached 1,000 posts. Likes to come here during work.

I am Hudson: And all her other accounts (She has almost as many as me. Exception to the capitalization of "i" rule, because that is her username). Has given massive donations and been a ton of help.

KawaiiAmu: Reached 1,000 posts. Has plenty of mules (more than me) and is fun to talk to. Almost never actually bumps, always says SOMETHING on every post. Sadly, her quest thread has distracted her.

Theanator: Reached 10,000 posts. Helped convince dominion to stay. Used to be quite inactive, but once she got a laptop, she has been in the thread so often! it's wonderful! Used to be Actressforlife, but due to being called thea because of her theatre girl 15 account, she changed her username.

Ichigo_kurosaki_09: Has reached 1,000 posts. Has many mules that i did not realize were his, some that got prizes...

Dominion of Devastation: A great regular who shares a strange amount of similarities with me. Reached 1,000 posts. Me and thea managed to stop her from quitting. Also, an idiot "friend" of hers managed to get some more of her accounts banned. Thankfully, she got someone to get them unbanned. And now she is banned again. Now mostly using iZenaku.

Callipygia: Reached 10,000 posts. Due to her timezone, she is online and posting at times when many people would be asleep and in other places and is a huge help.

ShipThat: Reached 1,000 posts. Good artist. Mule = Rococo Lo-lee-tah.

rlcarvell: Now schnauzers4robin. Incredibly valuable regular. Fills in the emptiness that occurs during the morning hours in the thread, and posts with a rate that rivals that of mellody. Has brought in more conversation than almost any other previous regular. Second to reach 10,000 posts!

FyoraSilverwolf: Over 10,000 posts. Had a sort of post rivalry with Dark090 for a while. Old member of TPD. Has been tremendously helpful recently, especially with helping to make quota.

Dark090: FOURTH PERSON TO REACH 10,000 POSTS!!! Good conversations, fun to talk to. Had a sort of post rivalry with FyoraSilverwolf for a while. Also loves greeting everyone who comes into the thread. ^_^

RC Cola2046: Passed 1,000 posts. Posted at a decent rate, last time i edited the whitelist, she hadn't even started posting yet! Has a hamuhamu that loves to glow for booty grab.

Cat Sapphire: How is it that i always forget people? Reached 10,000 posts. Had an interesting conversation on GIM. Is often one of the rare morning group.

MindYourEyes: Reached 1,000 posts. Met her in zOMG while SS farming, lives somewhere in South Jersey, like me. Small world...

Bitbit90: Just putting her in now, i have no clue what area of section 1 she should go in, so placing her near mind. Doesn't count posts, but made us a banner. :3 Good friend, has the longest running PM with me, it has been going continuously since BEFORE November 2008!

[NAME EXPUNGED]: Reached 10,000 posts. Was posting for an incredible length of time one night... And tends to do it alot. Reached 10,000 within minutes of nikui. XD (KIA)

meitianairen: For plenty of posts and being a fun and enjoyable person. (current status: returned after long absence) Has now reach 1,000. Fourth year aerospace engineer!

nikui-garu: Reached 10,000 posts. Posts a decent amount each night. Possibly close to some of our fastest posting regulars. Reached 10,000 within minutes of [EXPUNGED] XD Was the reason super joined the thread. :3

Zero X Void: New regular. Got over 100 in the first night. Is now past 1,000.

Akamatsaru: Has now reached 1,000 posts. One of our youngest regulars. Calli's official "stalker".

Enigma Ice Wolf: Reached 10,000 and posts a ton. Went MIA for a while, but returned. Very interesting conversation on GIM about a "certain thing". And really fun to talk to in general. Recently has been tripling alot, which has been immensely helpful. XD OUR THREAD MOTHER.

[NAME EXPUNGED] (formerly known as BeccaHan): For tons of posts and being a fun and enjoyable person. She is back! Has 1,000 posts, but for some reason, i was late in moving her to the first section (It's like somehow i knew what would happen...)... (KIA)

OrgySaurus: Traded me chyaku norisu scarf for only 217,500g!!! and the market price was like 315k at the time!!!!!

Faint Reflection: Regular whose goal is to reach 10,000! Go Faint! You can do it! whee She got to 1,000 posts during the 22,000 page rush. She had been up for a while posting and posting. She didn't sleep until after 22,000. She rocks.

Sophie Tallic: She got to 1,000 during the 22,000 page rush! Posts with varying frequency, sometimes not showing up for a while, other times posting alot in a few days.

[EXPUNGED]: (Has too many usernames to list, standard name. Also known as Sephy. She LOVES Sephiroth) Formerly known as Hybrid Satanica, then Major Arcana Omega, and so many other names, and that's just one account. She has many, way more than me. Yay, more new regulars! Was the first of 3 regulars who reached 1,000 within a very short period of each other. Is making me free art. :3 Now over 10,000! Which is obviously OVER NINE THOUSAND! Recrossed name.

astrobetch: Has gone through quite a couple name changes. When she first came, she was astrozombieamber (i think). She reached an unknown (as in, i forget how many XP) amount of posts, stopped counting for a long time, and was allowed to start again with a prize exception. Forgot to add her for some reason, putting her here as a placeholder.

jazzchan7: Loves the thread. ^_^ Is a very openminded person, which resulted in a highly enjoyable (and surprising) GIM conversation. Was the second of 3 regulars who reached 1,000 within a very short period of each other.

super_t3: Friend of nikui, girlfriend of me. BEYOND fun regular. :3 Lives even closer to me than Mind does. O_o Was the third of 3 regulars who reached 1,000 within a very short period of each other. Has now reached 10,000 posts. Is one of my favorite regulars. XD Will be going to WENT a Phillies game with her! <3 <3 <3 It was amazing, and our first date. XDDD Second date came a little after that, was even more amazing. Want to be with her FOREVER. <3 CONTEST RUNNER.

pixie_wings 12: Another longtime regular with a slow postrate. Very secretive, moreso than me when i first started gaia. Not sure if i remember right, but i asked, and she wouldn't even say her country. O_o

Spiffaliciously Awesome: Highly dedicated to the thread, has now passed 10,000 posts. Used to be someone who fought with me over conflicting views on certain things, but has become one of my closest friends. We now make each other happier. Has internet back! =D Admits she is a huge fangirl of me. XD

O-TO-KO-YO: Was regular in the original, was status unknown for a while, and returned. She was very knowledgeable about certain subjects when we were talking in GIM. Counts her posts now. :3

Thee Other Half: Highly unique and interesting person. Used to be on all the time because he literally can only sleep one or two days of the week. Ask him if you want to know why. Extremely close friends with faint, basic admission that it goes beyond friendship. ^_^ (That has run into problems, though...)

black_and_white_28: Now BnW X3 (Name i suggested, she was getting tired of her old one). Our most active Filipino regular. Always tend to see her around. She keeps posting in streaks, even when completely alone. i love her dedication to the thread whee HAS PASSED 10,000 POSTS. XD

Transparent Keyboard: Has one of the most incredible post rates that i have ever seen. Passed 1,000 in just a few days. Used to change name way to much. No longer active, it seems. O_o


Gianna The Goddess: MPTer who decided to give 10,000,000 a try and loved it. Is a very curious person, and highly enjoyed certain things i told her XD Donated a Lila the Mermaid to me! whee

Calixte Dae: Gets a spot right next to Gianna. More active than Gianna and is as of the writing of this description the only person other than super that i contact offgaia with any frequency.

Mr Q at your service: Might not number posts, but is a huge help. Tends to show up at surprisingly good times and also tends to glow when he does (lol). Is AMAZING at exchanging/vending. Placed next to the others who posted in 10,000,000 and MPT.

i-ish-gir: Reached 1,000 posts. She made her avi looks just like herself. Never moved her up to section 1, and i completely forget where her position should go. Sorry, gir...

booxgirl: Feel bad for not giving her a description. XP Reached 1,000 posts, lives in the same area as super and shadiq. CONTEST RUNNER.

Mary Jane SM2: Usually just called MJ, has passed 10,000 posts. Fun to talk to, and lives in the UK, but isn't on as late (for her timezone) as calli is.

Heartbeat of the Loveless: Was one of our 12 year old regulars, but turned 13 recently. Reached 1,000 posts and is fun to talk to. XD Think she made the fancy surrounding banners in the first post.

weirdfrog10: Doesn't count her posts, but has started posting alot recently. Is a donator, and also fun to talk to. Helps out alot late at night, and has come up with some great ideas for the new contests.

Javacat: One of our more interesting regulars. Was fishing buddies with Hudson and Hudson recommended the thread to her, she later became hooked. Passed 1,000 posts, has a mule that i totally love the name of: SCREEMING WUSSY CAKES. XD

Cpt_SharpieGuy: Reached 1,000 posts at a decent rate. Good conversations, and most importantly, has invited multiple friends from offline to help the thread ^_^

The Bunny of wind: Has lost her count a couple times. Finally reached 1,000. You know, bunny might actually be a first generation regular, she's been here so long, despite a slow postrate.

georgie is a pirate: Passed 100 a bit ago, forget where her position on the list would be (Now irrelevant because she has been moved to part 1 for passing 1,000 posts). Made me a cute poem ^_^ Enjoyable to talk to and is great friends with calli.

xXiMMinenT_fatEXx: Reached 1,000 posts and is enjoyable, especially when she is around star, who she met while in the thread, and likes to call her "twin". Hilariousness results. XD Formerly Darkangel, with Xes and random capitals, just like the current name.

starhappy: Great friend of darkangel, they met in the thread, and calls her her "twin" XD Likes to go around stuffing cookies in everyone's mouths and other enjoyable things. Has reached 1,000 posts. CONTEST RUNNER.

im the realest: New regular, but i donated to his quest, he gave me a DEMONBOW back. That's auto section 1. XD

greensir is the bomb: Reached 1,000 posts. Started in the thread because he had randomly commented me on my Dragonforce profile, we got into a comment conversation, and i eventually linked him to the thread. Brought gloomie into the thread.

mr kaw: Reached 1,000 posts, didn't count at first. Uhh... i'll think of more later. XP

fireyvampirate: Reached 1,000 posts. Had a strange dream about me (O_o ...) without even knowing what i looked like... rofl

tennislove: i think she goes here. Has reached 1,000 posts. Is one of the few regulars i have made offgaia contact with (phone call).

SnappygivesFREEHUGZ: Doesn't count posts, but is alot of fun, made us a banner and posts ALOT. Also, she seems to be like dominion, with how when she came here, a bunch of her friends "stalked" her to the thread, and then they all started enjoying themselves, resulting in so much fun and conversation! :3




animelonely: She was originally a bumper in gold bump, but had been a friend from before then. Managed to get her over here, where she has fun and has passed 1,000 posts and gotten lots of donations toward her quest. Also, i introduced her to power metal and she now loves the genre. XD

MCRangel: Old username. Main is ipokeyoureyesout, also uses inomtacos and some other accounts. Helped the thread through some harsh times, also reached 1,000 posts.



JamesTheSuperfish: Interesting guy, and our new post 10k post prizegiver! An important part of the 10,000,000 family already. :3

The Hidden Truth: Stopped counting posts, BUT came up with a ton of ideas for the new contests, and even though it seemed he was just not posting for a while, he was actually BOOTY GRABBING TO GET A KATANA TO GIVE AWAY IN A CONTEST!

Hoseki: Regular who, after i told her a certain something, imagines me whenever she does a certain thing. XDDD After some time away, i remembered her number for some unknown reason (i never bookmarked it or anything), and now she is past 1,000! XD

DeliverGirlKiki: A great newer regular. Has passed 1,000 posts. Enjoys the thread whether it is slow or fast, conversational or bump fulled. An inspiration to new people! ^o^

XxChibi_AzumixX: Reached 10,000 posts. Mostly just bumps, but nowadays, everything that keeps the thread going is wonderful. :3

Maiya oraclE:

kakushitsu: Reached 1,000 posts, and always has a creative avatar. Uses a few different post styles, but is usually consistent with teh style while posting.

Professional Sinner: Excellent newer regular and friend. :3 Just passed 1,000 posts and is a great conversationalist. Loyal and helpful, if i ever did actually make mod positions in 10,000,000, she would be one of them. ^_^ Sometimes her presence attracts her friends. =D Now over 10,000

McKenzie: What the thread has been sorely needing the past few months, a morning regular. ^o^ Has reached 1,000 posts, is friendly and welcoming and can both chat alot and bump alone, which has been greatly needed. :3 Starting to think something really bad happened to her... D:

Pretty Puppets: Reached 1,000. Returned after a long absence and her tripling is helping immensely, plus she has enough fun posting she can post just fine alone. :3

Heart Mystique: One of our newest regulars. Came in during the desperation title times. Has passed 1,000 posts and is on at odd times since she lives in Malaysia. Can be quite random at times. XD

LENA! (is amazing, more later)

GREENY more later

demonwolf: more later. :3

dominion criel x: one of our fastest to reach 1,000. ^o^ more later. :3

lim 88: more later. ^^

romance addiction (formerly loving kagome)

Aya_Mikage_Libra: i really gotta find time to get all these descriptions filled in... ;_;

o0o_Final_Fantasy_o0o: ^_^

TakaraCho: Reached 1,000 quite quickly, and is good friends with hybrid now. 3 People tend to misspell her name as takaro often, lol.

kune: been posting for a while, finally reached 1,000. ^^

Little Filly Girl: Gone for a while, came back, reached 1,000. Also a hired bumper at TLC.

dani: ^o^ is an amazing quotarusher, very willing to just come in with multiple accounts without me even asking, similar to kiki. :3 OVER 10,000!!!

animagic: old friend who posts a ton nowadays. she doesn't number posts, but she posts before school and when she gets back. a few times, she has basically saved the day. >w<

reioko: ^w^

kmcrazdancer: been too long since a new addition! D;

Muffin Button: For being a regular (and being fun). Glad she returned and reached 1,000. :3

y o u r e l m o: ^w^

Evangelistia: old TPD member, reached 1,000, has used the thread as a reason to be more active on gaia again. :3

Thomas: Really should just remove the descriptions and make this a list of names.



i iz teh neko






universal disaster









lidster: owo she ushered in the seventh generation!!!

coi: doesn't number posts, but definitely deserves a spot. ^_^

odd kid



Miss Charby-: Despite only having 100 posts and a slow post rate, she gets a spot up here.

shans: For making the comics, being a regular and full-owning (i don't really know what to call it) domogate.

Part 2: General Whitelist (Not really updated)

NaughtySallo: Inserted to second spot past the currently inactive DrawBlood. She has posted a ton, but since she lost her count and isn't doing it anymore, currently cannot go into the first section.

DrawBlood: For plenty of posts and being a fun and enjoyable person. (has been seen a few times recently)

Fell Apart: For plenty of posts and being a fun and enjoyable person. Also supplied me with gold for donations.

iUlquiorra Schiffer: For plenty of posts and being a fun enjoyable person. plus, cosplaying an awesome character. Returned, new name.

Ai-Li: For being a regular (and being fun). (current status unknown)

OKAMIgirl17: 100 posts on her first day on the thread. now that is awesome.

Sukikage and mules: For plenty of posts and co-owning 1sonicgate.

dawnee: For being such a great co-owner. She co-owns SGgate and posts with her here sometimes.

pennaventus: For designing a banner. Been here a while, but no numbering.

ILY Doctor Who 8P: For designing a banner.

Nexess: For designing a banner even though she has never posted here.

666raven666: For designing a banner.

The_one_who_is_odd: For a good amount of posts and offering discounts at his shop to regulars.

sprypyro: For reaching 100 posts and being a good person.

xXNaoxZayaXx: For reaching 100 posts and dealing with the tons of bots in the thread (and being a good person)

spoonin: Another one to reach 100 posts. Yay!

xRaidex: Reached 100 posts.

pixie_wings 12: Late night regular.

white_hazel: Friend of Dominion. Hopefully will come back and post some more.

xn0tp3rfect: Reached 100 posts. Is currently using the account hiiiiidesu.

blackdragonfiretime: Reached 100 posts. (continues)

GreenSouthpaw: Has returned as a full time regular. Had a huge conversation with her in GIM. It lasted over 3 1/2 hours and when i pasted into AbiWord (free software MSWord), it took up 37 pages! that's like 6-8 pages when condensed! We basically wrote an essay! XD

super_sammie_15: Used to be i_wuv_lee. Has a large amount of posts, but might not make 1,000 before i next edit this post.

Freyeczka: Has bad timing. Most of the times, she comes in when there is nobody to talk to, and is valued for sticking with the thread despite that.

littlekittykay: Reached 100 posts.

Monolithh: On the road to being a regular.

undertaker_RIP_08: Has a good amount of posts.

AyaneHajinmon: Another with a good amount of posts.

XxAwsomeOriginxX: Another to reach 100 posts. (continues)

k9_kitty_kat: Reached 100 posts. (continues)

Ichigo_Hana: i feel bad now. Had forgotten to add her...

hanaryn: Another that i had forgotten.

gothic_diva09: i hate forgetting people! D=

Jana12: Used to be a background regular, now she counts her posts.

litebulb247: Reached 100 posts. May be one who will reach the top part of the list.

Haine Lovely: Making good progress with posts. *feels bad about forgetting*

Bria_Filters: Counts but rarely talks.

ChaosOmegaNova: Gets a spot despite not counting. Helped us get 120 pages in 24 hours. Really good conversations.

dark_dragonN: Now lron clock. Had some really interesting conversations with chaos that helped us get to 120 pages in one day/ (Looking back in fourth gen times, it is sad that that was once amazing... those were second gen times...)

Avicienna: Reached 100 posts.

yokodevil07: Has reached 100 posts.

xspiffybutterfly: Reached 100 posts. Only comes in occasionally, but still comes.

Lluvia X: Formerly --Nii-chan91-- (a long time ago), she used to post enough to deserve a spot.

mintblob2: (offline?) Friend/sister (possibly) of bluemint12.

Schemer of the Shadows: Comes in early morning, counts a bit, then often leaves minutes before carvell comes in.

Nadira_Nia: Reached 100 posts ^_^

KaplaMarie: Reached 100 posts pretty quickly. Got her roommate, who is also gaian, to join the thread, but the roommate has not reached 100 yet.

becca-th: Used to be a background regular, but decided to count.

Fallen from the Skies: Friend who returned and started to count.

[Larissa]: Regular who doesn't count but stops by often enough. She crewed with me alot while mask farming in zOMG.

Kamorth: Early to late night regular. Very interesting conversation in GIM.

Malicious_Meow: Reached 100 posts.

loverZShadiQ: Regular who usually does not get much posting time per day, but enjoys the thread. Was very new when she came in, but i was extra nice and made things enjoyable for her, so she kept coming back.

Gemini IV: i have noticed that regulars tend to come in pairs... almost always by coincidence. Came in at the same time as jazzchan.

*reserved* i'm pretty sure i forgot a regular or two between hoseki and gopacksand.

kona probably goes here.

Gopacksand: Reached 100 posts. Great username. XD

Abstruse Caboose: Came in during the 22,000 page rush. Got 100 posts in one night! *Forgot to give the one night bonus to her, will have to add 50 gold to her 500post prize*

IXI Soul IXI: Formerly Anonymous Soul (Had some Xes and other symbols around the name). New regular, adding now before i forget.

(3 people came in on the 22,000 page rush)

gummibear, teh kiityness, others.

face, last, underwear, (some others), pixels, iskata, DeanMarkley

R a w R z N i n j u H: Has over 100 posts, is in a band that has yet to actually choose a name and more.

a freaking TON of people i missed, and
Pooqa: 100 posts first night, seems to be a great conversationalist.

Harbringer of bunnies

serpentine js: Used to be WhyMeAgh. Great username. Keeps count of posts, but rarely posts the number. Donated 10k to me for one of my quests.

imsouljagurl9: Designed a banner.

All hired bumpers: Especially those who stayed for longer than what they were payed for.

Others that i have not mentioned yet but i should mention later: Their reasons for being on the whitelist.

Everyone else who has helped, even with one post (except bots): Especially all regulars that i did not mention, i thank you all.

Part 3: Background Regulars (Not really updated)

Background Regulars: Those who help us, but rarely make themselves noticable and might be confused for bots.

devilishduck (formerly known as how_r_u): Longtime regular, but she usually just bumps.

xPaperxquakex: A more recent background regular. Almost always just bumps.

escutow: Comes in and bumps randomly, often when the thread is empty or nearly empty.

Nameless Dead: Comes in and bumps randomly.

top of the muffin: Comes in and bumps randomly, most active of all background regulars.

desdra: i see this person here pretty often.

dekuze: Comes around and posts for a bit semi frequently.

amorali: Seen this person around enough to qualify for this list.

CyanidePunk: Pretty recent background regular.

babygurl2795: Placed here as a placeholder so i don't forget to add her when she gets to 100.

Sera-Luna1990: Posts a decent amount.

Part 4: Advertisers

Being at the bottom is actually more noticeable than being stuck in the middle.

[.Vinyl Leaf.]: First advertiser. Advertising in posts. Payed 750 gold and 1,000 tokens in addition to getting a maxed quest donation of 250. Frequency is a few hours per night. Duration is unknown.

L i l y i: Second Advertiser. Advertising in posts. Payed 625 gold and a 250 gold quest donation. Frequency is a few hours per night. Duration is 2 1/2 months. Not yet started.

Nehpets Virus: Known from another thread. Need to check the pm on 1sonicgate for exact info...

F3RSHUR3: Advertising in sig and posts. 50-100 posts per day estimated, about 10 threads. At least a couple weeks duration. Payed 700 gold. Quest donation will come when quest is posted in thread.



Soon to have a name. stare

Blacklist/Fake Blacklist

II Vellin II

MCD (Until he stops being a moron)
SOME blacklisted people can still post (we still need their help), but are INELIGIBLE for ALL prizes and donations. domokun stargate

Community Member
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