A couple of hours ago, I watched 'Dr. Phil' with my 6 year younger sister who had just gotten up because of the chocolate that I brought from down the road.
Anyway, we were watching the always wonderful and wise Dr. Phil and the topic of that day was over-bearing parents and what they would do to their own children to make them successful in a sport.

Now, my mother wasn't a 'stage mum' or looked over shoulder when I was younger; years before I had my first period, and rudely picked it up and did the right answers and left me without learning anything about the subject.
She was just a normal mum.

Granted, she entered my sister and myself into a baby show to find out who was the cutest baby (f.w.i.: my sister won I think one in second place...but I won a s**t lot of first and a couple of second places...God, my future babies are going to be as cute as a button ^-^).

But a mother of a daughter who was being coached in baton sport by herself, her baton coach and two other secret baron coaches.
Now, the daughter of the woman who was the over-bearing type fell in love with the sport but slow lost interest all together with her mother forced to practice in this sport whether she wanted to or not.
The over-bearing mother even say that her daughter was a success in everything she did...

She did not say what her personally was or anything!

My God!!!

When I become a parent, I'm not going to give in to the sin of living through my children.