NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SLAVE RPC... I mean.. it can easily be turned into one xD but originally, this is NOT a slave RPC

This plot is pretty much.. completely stolen from a dA manga I started reading. The character sort of is in personality, but I might not play it exactly like the original. The names and pictures and such aren't from the manga, though.

Birth Name: Leo

Pet Name: ("owner's" choosing; when secret is uncovered, owner may decide to use pet name or birth name)

Age: 19 (varies slightly upon image chosen)

Sex: Male

Attracted to: Women+Men

Race: Exact race unknown; a type of animal-like race or clan, some able to take the form of humans.

Personality: (varies slightly upon image chosen) Curious. A bit naive when it comes to human customs. Loving. Caring. Loyal and protective toward whomever he becomes attached to. In short, the personality of a dog put into a human body. Can be clumsy. Is a good listener, as well as a good learner; human customs confuse him, but he can eventually be taught in categories such as human 'slang' and human mannerisms. Though, all in all, he can still be very naive. Despite this, he's very charming when he tries to be, and can even be rather cute when he's not trying to be; for example, being a dog, Leo is very good at the puppy eyes and other cute, 'puppy-like' mannerisms.

Bio/Story: Leo's race is practically forbidden to enter human territories, most of the reason being that humans don't know about their kind, and also that they treat animals like inferiors.
The real story is this; Leo's race is made up of an animal-like species that can use a sort of magic to do things such as changing to human form. Unfortunately, the species is slowly reverting back to their animal form as centuries pass. At the moment, there are very few left and, to keep this species going, the stronger of the races are pairing the children with mates that both have the ability, so that this magic can be passed down. Arranged marriage, basically.
Leo has been paired up with another dog of his clan; one he despises. A bossy b*tch in both the literal and metaphoric terms. He wouldn't want to admit it, but she even kind of scares him. Unfortunately, he seems to have no say in who he marries. So, in a fit of rage, Leo ran away, going to the one place he hoped no one would even want to follow him; to live among humans.
Though, Leo doesn't plan on telling any humans he is engaged. Instead, if he finds a human he shares his secret with--that he's no ordinary dog--he plans to simply tell them this; He came to live among humans in order to learn more about the 'fascinating species'. It was true that humans fascinated him, but it certainly wouldn't be the truth to why he was there.

Other: I'm not going with the illogical thing where he poofs to human form completely clothed. That wouldn't happen >> if you want to rp with this character, deal with the fact that he will poof nekkid plenty of times and wont give a crap 'cause he has the mannerisms of a dog! (These moments are there simply to add comedy to the rp : D)

my preferred picture (right)
dog form

(If you don't like that picture, I liked these, too; personality is basically the same for most)
second choice
dog form (he'll look happier than this lol)

third choice (guy with white hair, of course)
dog form

fourth choice (this one's personality changes more than the others; basically the same except more wolf-like rather than puppy-like in mannerisms)
dog form