This RPC was originally used for a specific RP (but can be used in any other rps; bio might change depending on rp) The plot was (basically put) this: He is a criminal who is caught and sentenced to death (by the usual death sentence in those days; hanging) The only way a criminal is allowed to go free is if a woman speaks up and agrees to take the man into her own home and basically take full responsibility in keeping the man under control. Of course, this rarely happens due to the fact that women are too afraid of letting a criminal into their home. (Thinking about it, idk why they'd let a woman have a criminal in their home, but oh well xD)

But the person hasn't been online for almost a year so I haven't used it. If you would like to RP with him (the rp mentioned above OR any RP you think he can fit in; doesn't necessarily have to be western) then PM or comment me the details.

Who pulls my strings: Keitaro_Kimishima
This is my Name: Jackson 'Deadshot' Brown
You may call me: Jackson or just Jack; others might call me 'Deadshot'
I am this old: 27
I was told I was: Male
I am a: Outlaw
I'm wanted for: murder
I wield: a large dagger in my belt, but my main weapons are two pistols; I never miss.
The life I live: I was a part of a group of small-time criminals; so small-time, the Sheriff hardly bothered with us. They had bigger fish to fry, as some might say. Murderers, rapists, the bigger crimes. Hell, that just made it easier for us to get away with our crimes. It's not like we were doing it for the attention. We were doing it to get by. All we really did was steal.
Unfortunately, our latest crime changed that when the group heard a very wealthy friend of the Sheriff was staying in town for a while. Immediately, we planned a robbery. We knew we'd be set for.. well, about as long as it took for all of us to spend the money on beer, women, gambling, and other things we hardly needed.
So our plan started out as a simple theft. It was all going fine when we snuck into the place the man was staying the night he was supposed to be out with the Sheriff, and we had gotten almost everything we needed. Unfortunately, he came home much earlier than we expected. Soon, both he and I had a gun pointed to each other. He meant to kill, but I only meant to shoot the gun from his hand. There was no doubt I'd miss, I was a perfect shot. Unfortunately, there was something we didn't know; the man had a wife and daughter. Just when I was going to shoot, the wife jumped in front of me and grabbed the gun. A reflex caused me to pull the trigger and... long story short.. I shot an innocent woman who was only trying to save her husband; a woman who had a daughter... I shot a woman right in front of her daughter..
Of course, we escaped and the man told the Sheriff who put a big bounty on our heads. We all went our separate ways, and one by one we were caught. I was one of the last left. Years later, they finally caught up to me. I don't know if it was the guilt that finally slowed me down or just exhaustion from the running and hiding, but I'll soon be scheduled for death.
People tell me I'm: a bit rough, due to living around criminals for so long, but that doesn't mean I'm cold-hearted. Sometimes I think I deserve death for killing an innocent woman and leaving a young girl without a mother. Sometimes I wonder why I'm still here. I'm also protective of what I care about, whether it be human, animal, or possession.
I am: straight
Others: None of the members of the group were aloud to give each other our real names. We all had names based on our skills. All the group knew me as, for example, was Deadshot; I never missed a target. Never. These names were so that even if someone tortured us, we wouldn't give up the group's names. You can't tell what you don't know.
What you see when you look at me: Jackson Brown (or image choice two)
My trusty steed: Aero