I open my eyes to the voice of my mother.The enmorse full moon cast an amazing light around the meadow that made it look like it was under water. I heard howls coming from behind me.I have never seen this place before but yet i knew it very well.There was a little pound right in the middle.It was so clear and fresh you could see the fish.I could also see myself I looked the same but a little different .My hair was normally a curly goldish brown with layers but here it was raven black.My skin was always worm but now it was ice cold.My eye ware still a dark purple with a gold ring around the inside and outside rings. I was wearing an amazing white dress that went to my knees.I looked more into the pound my eyes opened wild to see my died mom behind me "mom!"i started to cry "Yes sweetie,its me" "How are you here"I knew now that it was a dream "Your in danger you need to get out of this town now"
"Why ?Whats happening?" "There coming for you just like hey came for me"
My face went to a blank look "What W-what do you mean there coming
Who and why ?""The vampires sweetie"she paused for a seconed like she didnt want to saw it "For you powers"
my mind started to wounder "What do you mean.W-what powers mom" "Sweetie your a witch.They want to drain your powers Emily you have gifts that you never knew about they dont come in till your 18 th birthday.Im sorry that you had to find out this way but there was no other way.and i had to tell you.Im s-" She stopped in mid sentenced sceamed and disappered.
"MOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!"I turned hopeing to see my mother but turned to face a young man in his 20's to 25's.He had pale whit skin was if he had never seen the day light.He had warm red eyes that seem to have hell in them.His fangs white as perls He looked about 8'2.His icey blonde hair flowed in soft wind.He looked amazing but yet terrifying ."Wheres my mother "I demaned him to answer me he said nothing "WHAT THE ******** DID YOU DO TO MY MOTHER YOU b***h"I yelled "Dear Emily is that any way to address a person,but I will answer
your question love.Your mothers soul was in here."His eyes turned white and i could see faces of poeple in pain"How the devil he got out I'll never know ,my dear what do you think your power is"then his eyes turned a light blue the eyes of my mother."Lily's power is just amazing ,it alot easyer to kill my prea.They get so calm look into my eyes"I gleared at him ."What are you going to do glitter me to death you little fairy"He laught."And there not your eyes."He moved in and kissed me on my neck his lips cold and smooth.His hands grabed mine I tried to move but I had no control over my body.He plused me to a tree I tried and tried to move but nothing.I was frozen."You like?I stole
it for a witch form L.A""No I dont"I repyed."Tell all your witches Hello for me "His teeth broke through my neck.The pain was unbariable.I felt like i was burning form the inside.My heart was being pulled outof my.He stoped and whipered into my ear "Her blood is amazing dear now how about your magic."He goes back to bite me again but he scearms and disappered.I looked up to see what happen
my mom saved me.she kneed down at the bite and put her hand
to it, closed her eyes and whipered something i could not here
the next seconde i felt no pain"She kissed me on my fourhead
" i love you Emily "and she was done.

I woke up in my room.I looked at the clock 12.30AM.

"Happy 18th birthday Emily "I told myself and cryed i grabbed my neck there it was .That was no dream