Gaia name: Keitaro_Kimishima
name: Nikko (NEE-koh) (no known surname)
age: 17 (looks even younger for his age)
gender: male (can easily be mistaken for a female, no matter the clothes he wears)
race: neko
powers: typical cat-like powers (amazing balance--yet somehow clumsy at other times--climbing trees, quick on his feet, etc). Understands animals. Can sort of heal injuries; when animals lick their wounds, they do it to make it feel better. Nikko does it because it actually helps close the wound up.
sexual preferences: bi, but leans closer to men (he doesn't know how to be the 'man' of the relationship with women)
bio: "I don't remember much about when I was young.. I don't remember anything about my mother. I remember very little about the days of freedom, but I do remember... I think I even had an older brother... It's all fuzzy. Maybe he was just one of the other kittens I played with. Anyway, most of my life has been spent here, in this shop. Damien, the shop keeper, he scares me.. He always acts so kind to the masters, but.. Well, he's completely different around us. I've been careful not to anger him. I've seen what he's capable of when he's mad at one of us. It's too bad he isn't nicer. He's a rather handsome man.... ack! I shouldn't think like that about people! But it seems the older I get, the more I do. I'm 17 and now that I'm almost 18, the time is coming that I'm... well.... 'legal' as some put it. I wonder if masters will be more likely to take me home after that.. The thought kind of worries me. I want to get out of here, but I'm afraid of what kind of master or mistress I'll get. No matter. Free is free. Well, as free as I could ever be, anyway. I want a home... I wish I could remember.."
Personality: Nikko is a shy, innocent, nervous, easily embarrassed neko boy of 17 years of age. He gets easily attached to people and hates thinking negative or... 'unclean' thoughts about anyone. He is rather clumsy at times, despite the fact that cats are supposed to be graceful. Like a cat, Nikko is easily frightened by things such as loud sounds and surprises. Due to his soft, feminine features, he can easily be mistaken as a flat-chested girl.
-cosplaying (he has even crossplayed)
-other typical cat treats
-sweets such as pocky
-taking naps on anything he finds soft
-baths (despite hating to swim)
-getting scratched behind his ears or having his ears played with
-thinking negative or 'unclean' thoughts about people (he normally has a rather innocent mind)
-thunder storms
-loud noises
-scary movies
-getting startled
-having his tail messed with
how long have you been a slave?: "Since as long as I can remember.. I don't think I was born a slave, but I think I've been one since I was a kitten.."
collar/ charms: Collar one: Controllable; Charm one+five: submissive and loving.
picture: Nikko the Neko