[[With this RPC being a "bunny boy", I couldn't resist giving this journal that title..]]

Alex White Harrington

W h e n • I • l o o k • i n • t h e • m i r r o r

I • b l e w • o u t • t h e s e • m a n y • c a n d l e s • t h i s • y e a r.


I• b l e w• t h e • c a n d l e s • o n.

June 12

I • a m • a.


A n y t h i n g • e l s e • y o u • n e e d • t o • k n o w.

White/Silver hair, slightly long, almost shoulder length, a bit of a styled mess. Eyes colored red as a rose. Lovely pale skin. To describe my clothes.. Stylish. A casual take on what you would call 'fancy'. Lots of hanging pieces such as ties, lace, charms, etc. I wear white gloves over my hands, and hold a large pocketwatch in my jacket pocket, the chain hanging out and looping around to clip onto the belt loop of my pants. My outfit's color scheme mainly consists of white, dark gray, and red. Naturally, my ears, long and floppy as a rabbit's ears should be, match my white or silver hair color.

I • l i k e • t o • d a t e.


T h e • t o p • f i v e • t h i n g s • I • l o v e • a r e.

|| fresh (and uncooked) vegetables as well as anything sugary
|| getting where I want to be on time; perfect timing
|| greeting and tending to guests
|| napping (sometimes it's hard to say whether he's energetic or lazy) especially in beautiful places such as a garden, a field, or bed of flowers.
|| my style; compliments on my looks/style (not conceited, but proud of his looks)

T h e • t o p • t h i n g s• I h a t e • a r e.

|| dogs or anything of that family. I can be calm and collected at one moment, see a dog, and do a complete 180! (metephorical. He'd flip out, in other words)
|| getting my rabbit ears or tail tugged at. Really, it hurts! Pull my ears and I'll pull yours!
|| Either myself or others arriving late, wherever they are going. It's just plain rude.
|| Loud, high pitched, or screechy noises. I have quite sensitive hearing.
|| getting served meat or cooked vegetables. Veggies are no good when they're all squishy and warm.

S o • t h i s • i s • m y • s t o r y.

[[story varies depending on RP]]
[[original RP story below]]

May I be honest here? I don't really remember at all how I came to live in this mansion, nor would I call myself trapped because I do not have a desire to leave. I remember little things about my younger years, but it certainly wasn't anything special. I had a big family, all 'bunnies' as you call us, like me. Parents, many brothers and sisters. There was a time I think I lived on my own. Whether it was by choice or not, I don't really remember. After that, I can only remember memories of this place. All I know is that, ever since stumbling upon this place, I have become the master of time. My pocketwatch doesn't just tell time, you know~

I ' m • u s u a l l y • l i k e • t h i s.

I have to put my personality into words? Well, I'll try... Some have called me childish, but I merely like to call it.. fun. I've also been called conceited, but that is most certainly wrong! I simply love the way I look and am proud of it! (this one is actually true..) I try my best to be polite, but when speaking to rude beings, it can become difficult. I love to laugh and smile. I hate getting the cold shoulder or getting ignored. Especially when I have done nothing wrong--that I know of--except being myself (people have been known to do this to him, finding him a little.. out there. He finds these people rude). It's even worse when it's coming from a cute girl! Also, I hate that story of the tortoise and the hare.. They make the hare seem like such a jerk.. Well, the turtle is the jerk for not waking up the sleeping hare! What if he wasn't resting? He could have passed out from... from dehydration or something! The tortoise is the selfish one, if you ask me..

Y o u • c a n • u s u a l l y • f i n d • m e.

napping--sometimes in the yard or garden--making or drinking tea, or sewing myself some new pieces for my already lovely style. I have quite a few hobbies.

T h e • t h e m e • s o n g • t o • m y • l i f e • i s.

Motion City Soundtrack/Always Running Out of Time